That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

January 8, 2015

A List of Stores That JC Penney Plans to Close –

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A List of Stores That JC Penney Plans to Close –


Some of these mall names I recognize from reading the emails in my inbox. Locally, the JC Penney in Williamsburg is closing. While the store is just a few years old, its located out in the middle of nowhere, next to a a water park that is only open during the Summer. Wasn’t the old “Presidential Park” with the giant president heads across the street from it too?


August 8, 2014

New & new to me places

I don’t really leave the house too much anymore, so everything is new to me these days.

Mooyah veggie burger and side salad

MooYah, Hampton, VA 

The veggie burger on wheat was meh, too “beany” for my tastes. However, that side salad was amazing. Look how big it is! When I ordered the side salad, I thought it was going to be some dinky thing with one tomato slice and some iceberg. There’s mushrooms in that salad!  I was bad and got the MooYah sauce for dressing, which is like thousand island dressing.
Urban Outfitters, Norfolk

Urban Outfitters, Norfolk

Urban Outfitters, Norfolk, VA

This location is almost across the street from the California Pizza Company at MacArthur Center. It’s a three level old building, which I brought up here a couple of years ago. I swear they’ve kept the ancient cobwebs in the ceiling too! I visited this place on my birthday back in June.  I bought some stickers and an Adventure Time book, oh and these amazing Bart Simpson socks:
Birthday 2014

(I haven’t worn the Bart socks yet D:, and no I don’t know why UO thought it was cool to make stickers that say “stay drunk”…)
Birthday 2014

Lush, Norfolk, VA 

This location opened up almost 2 years ago? I have never been into Lush before, but I’ve been on their website to window shop a few times. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this was in the old Starbucks before they moved to a kiosk on the first level. It has that shape. There was so much stuff I wanted, but wow you have to take a loan out to buy more than two things at Lush, or Grav3yardgirl. I bought the Danger! Cosmetics to Go book, about the company that later became Lush, and unless you are from the United Kingdom, where Cosmetics to Go originated, you really can’t relate to this book. I’ve already sold it on eBay. The other products I bought was the Wiccy Magic Muscles , and You Snap the Whip.


Crappy pic of MacArthur Center, Norfolk.
Sephora, Norfolk, VA

I didn’t take any pictures, or buy anything. Sephora came back to MacArthur Mall after a 15 year absence. Sephora had a location at the mall when it first opened in 1999, but I guess back then with the store coming to the States for the first time they didn’t have a good business plan for opening new stores. The location was gone after just a few months, I believe.

Zoë’s Kitchen, Williamsburg, VA (no photo)

I think when I came by the other day, it was during the opening week. They were giving away plastic reuseable cups, but they uh, didn’t wash them first, and my drink tasted like plastic. I had a Ruben sandwich and fruit as my side. On every table, there is their special vinaigrette salad, I put it on my fruit salad, and it was pretty good. Other than my sandwich, everything else on the menu was stuff I could just make at home. Even the tabbouleh salad.

Sticks, Williamsburg, VA (no photo)

My to go plate looked like a dog’s breakfast, and my rice was cold, and they gave me too much hummus.


Lush, short pump mall

Lush, Short Pump, VA 

This location just opened a few weeks ago, it had its official grand opening this past Saturday. I went by yesterday, and they still had a good stock, except for the fresh masks. I don’t think I’d spend money on those anyway, because they’re so perishable. It was crazy hot inside that day. This saleslady forced me to put my hand under the sink so she could wash my hand with the African Paradise, which I wouldn’t be able to afford even if I had a full time job, which I don’t right now. She was kinda pushy to say the least. I couldn’t afford much yesterday, like I said, I’m not Grav3yardgirl. I bought the Magnificent soap, a tea tree toner tab, the Greenwich, and the stepping stone.
Short Pump Mall work

Short Pump is currently getting some work done. Looks like they’re adding another elevator, and a crosswalk, because honesty time, it does take for-ever to get to one point of the mall to another.


Short Pump Town Center Lomography Fisheye

This is what the area looked like back in 2010.


March 9, 2012

The Fresh Market, Williamsburg, VA (1995-2011, Moved)

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The Fresh Market in Williamsburg, VA where I worked at from May 2004 to July of 2005 moved to a new building back in July. My heart broke in a thousand pieces when I passed by the vacant old location a few months ago:

The fresh market Williamsburg va (moved, July 2011)

The fresh market, Williamsburg, va, moved 2011

I took some pictures during the time I worked there:

Fresh Market's Christmas Display, 2004

Christmas Display, 2004.

Mistaken Kool Aid Man

“Mistaken Kool Aid Man”



But I Like USA Today....its the Non Newspaper...

“Good Americans Believe Anything They Read” graffiti next to the store, Summer of 2005.

I cleaned this restroom at least 2 days a week for almost a year

Heh, I really really had to GO before getting on the ferry one day back in 2008. So I ran into Fresh Market to use the bathroom, while I was in there, I remembered all the times I had to clean that restroom while I worked there.


Another photo of the store empty (not mine) This was really strange to see the place empty. Almost every Sunday, I had to clean those black lights with a long-handled duster. I remember my manager, Doug would always get on me for dusting the lights, always worried that I was going to knock one lamp one centimeter out of place.

July 28, 2008

at&t, Williamsburg, VA

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iphone people

I took this the day the new iPhone came out, and there were people still (it was 10:00) waiting in line for the iPhone. Apparently the store is so tiny, they were only letting a few people in at a time. They were all like,
“iPhone!!!” when I passed by them and I said, “yeah!I have the original”
“so do a lot of people here!”
“I have no interest in upgrading, I like my iphone”

April 14, 2008

Staples, Williamsburg, VA

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I’ve been wanting to take a photo of this place forever.

Staples, Williamsburg, VA

This HAD to be a grocery store in the 1980’s. Like an A&P/Super Fresh/Farmer Jack
maybe. Any clues? All the stores around this area are very 1980’s as well. I need to go back and take photos of those. This location is on Richmond Road I think and is near the 347 entrances for William & Mary.

January 14, 2008

Bath & Body Works, Williamsburg VA

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Bath & Body Works, Williamsburg VA


This is the one at Newtown Open Air Shopping area…which I apparently haven’t brought up yet here. I thought I did. I have photos I took back in November:

New Town Center, WIlliamsburg, VA


New Town Center, Williamsburg, VA


November 10, 2007

Belk (Williamsburg, VA @ Windsormeade Marketplace)

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Belk (Williamsburg, VA @ Windsormeade Marketplace)

I know, that’s a tiny sign. I assume this is due to Williamsburg’s strict zoning laws.

I think this Belk opened in late 2006. I didn’t go in today. Next time I will.

Windsormeade Marketplace (Williamsburg, VA)

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