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February 20, 2010

Lazerwolfe at the dying Staunton Mall (2-20-2010)

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As a retail historian who studies Staunton Mall a lot, I was excited to learn that two people I follow on Twitter Andew Carter and Philip Obenchain was going to have a mini concert at the mall. (recorded with my iPod Nano)

From Andrew:

July 9, 2009

“Hard days at the Mall: Can Staunton Mall endure another near-death experience?”

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Article from the Augusta Free Press about how Staunton Mall is dying. I’m mentioned down at the bottom, along with some other people who agree that Staunton Mall is way past its prime.

“At first it didn’t seem that bad. I mean, there were some empty storefronts and mom-and-pop stores. The Steve & Barry’s was closing, and then when the Books-A-Million closed down, that’s when I really started to notice that it was heading for something pretty bad.”
“My thought when the Steve & Barry’s and Books-A-Million left was, Who is going to move into those spaces in this day and age? It’s not like there are a lot of new anchor stores just looking for a new place to set up. Particularly in a small market like Staunton.”

March 21, 2009

“Colonial Mall [Staunton Mall] — Augusta, Virginia”

January 27, 2009

Staunton Mall Directory, 1989

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(I too cheap to just make a photocopy, so I’m typing it here @ the library)

(the original Staunton Mall post)

The F Stop
Lane Bryant
Hershey’s Jewerlers
Only One Dollar novelities
Burton’s Mens Store
Peoples Drug STore
Staunton Mall Offices
Piece Goods Shop Fabrics
JC Penney
K&K Toys
Payless Shoe Source
Fashion Bug
Staunton Mall Movie Theater
Boy’d Hardressers
Fun Time Arcade
Montomery Ward
Big Dipper Ice Cream
Athletic Annex
Matthews Hallmark
Ney’s Alfred Clothing Store
The Record Corner
Holliday Shoe Store
Kinney Shoe Store
Travel with Joy Travel
Family Barber & Beauty Shop
Radio Shack
Hofheimers Shoes
Sears Surplus Store
The Diamond Corner
Country Cookin
Glassner Jewelers
Lemons Jewerly
Merle Norman Studio
The Cinnamon Bear Bakery
The Mark-it
Altlas Tuxedo
Centerpoint Books
Hip Pocket
Bartley Richard Optical
Hayden Msic of Staunton
The Pearced Ear (yup, spelled that way)

September 20, 2008

Books a Million, Moved September 2008, Staunton, VA

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Ok, so you know last week I visited Staunton Mall for the first time? Well, the girl across the hall from me wanted to find a bookstore, and I told her there was a Books a Million in Staunton Mall, so I drove her there.

Books a Million, Moved September 2008, Staunton, Va
Books a Million, moved September, 2008, Staunton, VA

THE BOOKSTORE PACKED UP AND WENT AWAY. It was perfectly normal last Friday when we went in there. I thought it had closed down completely, but turns out it just moved to Waynesboro.

Ok, this place is officially a dead mall. I mean its mostly mom and pop places, two of the anchors are closed/in the process of closing, I’m sending my pictures to Brian over at tonight.

//edit, September 25 2008//

Article from the News Leader’s website:


September 13, 2008

Staunton Mall, Staunton, VA

So a friend and I visited the Staunton Mall, a few minutes from Mary Baldwin College. We walked in it expecting that it would be dead, but its actually somewhat full, mostly mom and pop stuff, but its full, so I can’t really call it a dead mall. More like a small mall.

Here are some pics I took with my iPhone:

Staunton Mall

This store was awesome. It was stuck in about 1982.

Steve & Barrys, Dying, Staunton Mall, Staunton, VA

Steve & Barrys is closing down shop. There was a lot of t-shirts left.

Steve & Barrys, Dying, Staunton Mall, Staunton VA
There were a LOT of vending machines here since there are only three tenants in the food court.

Bath & Body Works, Staunton Mall, Staunton, VA

Old style Bath & Body Works. I love this design.

///edit, September 21st, 2008///

The Books a Million moved away about a week after I posted this.

//edit, January 27, 2009//

1990 Mall Directory

//edit, March 21, 2009//

I have a Category for Staunton Mall now.

A video from let’s say five, six year ago when Staunton Mall went by the moniker of Colonial Mall

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