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April 28, 2020

“Lord & Taylor quietly deleted its Instagram and Twitter accounts amid reports the department store is eyeing bankruptcy options”

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(business insider article)

Lord & Taylor appears to have quietly deleted its Instagram and Twitter accounts, less than a week after reports surfaced that the retailer is considering filing for bankruptcy.

The retailer’s accounts on these two platforms seem to have completely disappeared and were inaccessible on Monday afternoon. While its Facebook page remains active, its last post — a promotion for pajamas — was shared one month ago on March 27. While it was not immediately clear when the accounts were deleted or the reason for going dark, historically such moves point to a period of significant transition for a company or may indicate the possibility of liquidation.

I went on their website, and noticed that they were suddenly having a friends and family sale. Hmm?

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 11.17.22 PM


November 26, 2014

“A eulogy for RadioShack, the panicked and half-dead retail empire”

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By Jon Bois:

I said that a lot of working at RadioShack felt like guard duty. One week, it was actual guard duty: a RadioShack in a stone-dead mall was scheduled to close in a week, and all its employees had already bailed, so they sent me there to manage it for a few days.

The first day, I opened the store for 12 hours, and not a single person walked in. The second day, a guy bought a watch battery, and the store revenue for the week upped to $2.99. It didn’t take me long to pull out the desk chair from the back room, have a seat in the middle of the store, rewire the display TVs, and watch MacGyver on satellite.

And it’s true that I was making pennies above minimum wage, but it’s also true that my job was to go to a building, turn on the lights, sit there, be the boss of myself, watch a shitload of MacGyver, and go home. MacGyver is an awesome show and I will never have a better week of work than that one.

On the second-to-last day there, I left the store empty for 30 seconds so I could use the bathroom, and within those 30 seconds, someone sprinted in and straight-up stole the cash drawer and the $300 inside of it. In a panic, I called the district office to let them know.

Their response, more or less, was, “eh, whatever.” Damn it, I could have just taken it myself. I could have given myself a $300 raise for watching the dang MacGyver.

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January 11, 2013

“My Final Day Punching Out”

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My Final Day Punching Out, originally uploaded by JSF0864.

Via Flickr:
My last time punching out at Super Fresh after nearly 30 years. I’m actually not officially seperated from the Company until Saturday, the last scheduled day of operation here. I have to say it was a good, long run. Unlike most people there, I remained in the same store my entire career.

This guy I know on Flickr, he’s worked at the same Super Fresh for nearly 30 years. His store closed today.

He has taken pictures of his time at Super Fresh nearly the entire time he has worked there.

October 8, 2012

“KMart’s Comeback” (9/1/91 Daily Press) & KMart Commercial Criticism

KMart's Comeback, 9/1/91 Daily Press


September 10, 2012

Mystery Winn Dixie job postings

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I clicked on it, and it was just a Taleo link, no indication of where the job actually is. Since Winn Dixie is still in the pits, financially, I highly doubt they’re building a new store in Petersburg, especially since all the Winn Dixie’s around here moved out in 2005. I believe its an error on, mistaking “St. Petersburg, FL” with “Petersburg, VA”


I’ve been seeing these strange Winn Dixie postings on in Petersburg.

December 27, 2011

lol, Sears & Kmart closing 100+ stores

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Sears to close more stores as holiday sales slump
By Phil Wahba | Reuters – 2 hrs 19 mins ago

(Reuters) – Sears Holdings Corp will close as many as 120 of its Kmart and namesake big-box stores after sales during the peak holiday period fell sharply, and the retailer also forecast that fourth quarter earnings would fall by more than half, sending its shares plunging some 25 percent.

Adding to the share selloff, Sears also disclosed on Tuesday that it has tapped its credit facility to borrow cash.

Once one of the leading retailers with a national reach through its popular catalog along with hundreds of stores, Sears has been pressured in recent years by competitors ranging from Wal-Mart Stores to

Under the stewardship of Chairman Edward Lampert, the company has let stores deteriorate, while analysts also cite poor locations and ho-hum merchandise for its ongoing decline.

“They’ve neglected this business for so long,” independent retail analyst Brian Sozzi said, noting that he expects many more closings. “They are letting Kmart and Sears die on the vine.”

Sales at Sears Holdings have fallen each year since 2005, when it was formed in a merger of Sears and Kmart.

So far this holiday buying season, the drop has continued.

Same-store sales at Kmart were down 4.4 percent in the eight weeks that ended Christmas Day, and down 6 percent at Sears’ U.S. stores. Overall, they were down 5.2 percent.

The closings follow its announcement last quarter it would shut 10 stores. Kmart and Sears have a combined 2,177 big-box locations.

A list of stores affected will be available at once the retailer decides on the locations.

The declines at Kmart were led by drops in electronics and clothing sales as the low-price chain faced stiff competition from Wal-Mart, which resumed its layaway program this holiday season after five years.

Sears blamed poor consumer electronics sales in a tough economic environment “especially for big-ticket items” for more than half of the decline in its namesake chain’s domestic same-store sales.

Two weeks ago, Best Buy Co Inc said that offering bigger discounts to kick-start the holiday season ate into its profits.

Sears’ shares were down $11.46, or 25 percent, at $34.40 in early afternoon trading, and have fallen 63.1 percent since hitting a yearly high in February.

At the current stock price, Sears Holdings — home to brands including Craftsman tools and Kenmore appliances — has a value of $3.7 billion, compared with the $11 billion Lampert agreed to pay for the company in 2004. As of September 30, his holding company owned 45.1 percent of Sears Holdings.

The drop in shares is also a big blow for fund manager Bruce Berkowitz’s Fairholme Capital, Sears’ second-biggest shareholder with 15.2 percent of shares.

Sears’ travails also hit shares of Whirlpool Corp, which last year got 8 percent of sales through the retailer. Whirlpool shares fell 7.1 percent to $47.56.


Normally, Sears would give “marginally performing” stores time to improve, but “we no longer believe that to be the appropriate action in this environment.”

Sozzi, the analyst, went to a Sears in Bayshore, New York, on Monday, one of the busiest days of the retail season, and said it was “deserted.” At the northern end of the state, in Plattsburgh, a Sears was similarly quiet.

Wall Street analysts have long faulted Sears for letting its stores become stale, even as rivals ranging from Macy’s Inc, J.C. Penney Co Inc to Target Corp and Wal-Mart remodel and refresh their stores, drawing in customers.

Last fiscal year, Macy’s spent $505 million to improve its namesake and Bloomingdale’s stores, while Sears spent $441 million despite having more than three times as many stores.

Sears is “effectively asking customers to pay for a poorer shopping environment” than other chains, Credit Suisse analyst Gary Balter said in a note to clients.

Balter was also surprised that Sears would borrow money during the holidays, which are typically a peak cash flow period. Sears had $483 million of borrowings outstanding as of December 23, compared with zero a year earlier.

As of October 29, Sears had cash and cash equivalents of $624 million, down from $790 million.

Sears Holdings said the lower sales and margin pressure would lead to adjusted fourth-quarter earnings before interest, debt and amortization of less than half of the year-ago quarter’s $933 million figure.

Last month, Sears reported a much wider-than-expected quarterly loss as higher markdowns and pricing pressures in appliances squeezed margins.

The retailer expects to earn $140 million to $170 million by selling of inventory in affected stores and selling or subleasing store space.

Sears also expects to record a non-cash charge of $1.6 billion to $1.8 billion in the fourth quarter related to a valuation allowance on certain deferred tax assets.

November 24, 2011

Two black Friday examples of why Kmart sucks

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I saw these two in today’s sales papers and I laughed:


Obviously Kmart is still stuck in 1991

And of course, Kmart is stuck in 1997

…and in 1997.

April 18, 2011

Borders Books Employees Get Creative As Stores Begin Closing

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Borders Books Employees Get Creative As Stores Begin Closing.

December 26, 2010

YouTube – 1987-Tour of Zayre, Crystal Point Mall, and Jewel

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YouTube – 1987-Tour of Zayre, Crystal Point Mall, and Jewel.


Thank god people were dorks with their early camcorders and recorded everything they saw back in the 80s.

December 15, 2010

“Sassy Sears” (Time, August 20, 1984)

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Just two years short of its 100th birthday, the once staid and conservative Sears is showing the friskiness of a teen-ager who has won a date with Tiegs. In fact, some people would say that Sears has become downright sassy.

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