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October 24, 2015

Look Back: Christmas shopping – Daily Press

A long-standing holiday tradition – shopping!

Source: Look Back: Christmas shopping – Daily Press

November 8, 2013

Patrick Henry Mall Construction, Daily Press Times Herald, August 2, 1987

Patrick Henry Mall Construction, August 2, 1987
"Malls Competors Not Worried" (Daily Press, 1987)

Some points;

  • The Bradlees in the picture is where JCPenney is today, and before that an Uptons.
  • The movie theater next to the food court that is mentioned is a Old Navy now.
  • Leggett opened in 1989, and later became a Dillards

Big reading versions:


August 19, 2011

Malls They’re Not Just For Shopping Any More (1989, Daily Press)

Splash! 2-24-89 (The Daily Press)


I need to go to the library when I have a chance and get this article from the microfilm and see if there are any photos of the malls.

//edit, October 15, 2011//
Checked it out today, there was no photos.


August 4, 2011

“Hampton Malls Expand For ’90s” {daily press, May 20, 1990}

Hampton Malls Expand For ’90s
Cosmetic, Market Revamps Sought
May 20, 1990|By NEIL CORNISH Staff Writer

The air in Newmarket North mall at 8:30 a.m. is filled with the rich smell of doughnuts from one of the few stores open for business, interspersed with the sound of yapping pet store dogs and shouts from construction workers.

Long before the day’s shoppers arrive and the last of the morning mall walkers depart, work crews clean up from a night spent filling in floors, tearing away ceiling tiles and installing new plumbing in preparation of the mall’s transfiguration into Newmarket Fair this fall.

FOR THE RECORD – Published correction ran Wednesday, May 23, 1990. A story incorrectly stated that ceiling tiles removed during the renovation of Newmarket North mall were being “burned off as steam.” The tiles are to be burned at a steam-generating plant which uses trash for fuel.
Published correction ran Tuesday, May 22, 1990. An article said a three-horse carousel is being built near Newmarket North mall’s food court. The carousel will have three rings of horses, not three horses, said Gina Chastain, mall marketing director.

While the renovation work at Newmarket North continues, nearby Coliseum Mall, which completed a renovation project of its own in October, is looking to expand its influence in Hampton Roads in the next five years.

Raymond Tripp, who took over as Coliseum’s manager several weeks ago, said one of the property’s biggest goals is to attract a middle- to upper-end department store to serve as its fifth anchor tenant. The store likely will be in place by 1991 or 1992, he said.

Rob Belue, Newmarket North mall manager, said property owner Goodman Segar Hogan has set Nov. 4 as the date for the mall’s grand re-opening celebration. The $9-million renovation project includes the addition of 13,000 square feet of skylighting and an 11-tenant food court.

Newmarket’s renovation was announced when Goodman Segar acquired the 800,000-square-foot mall in July for $34 million. Company officials said then that Newmarket had slipped in competition with Coliseum and Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News.

Belue said sales during the construction have dropped less than 1 percent from the same time last year, which he attributed to customer curiosity and customer loyalty. Newmarket’s 1989 sales per square foot were approximately $190, he said.

Store managers contacted expressed mixed feelings about the mall’s performance during the renovation.

“We really haven’t had any negative comments from the customers,” said Courtney Williamson, manager of The Limited. “It’s definitely needed.”

“It seems to be going smoothly, but it has interrupted business,” said Debbie Landen, co-manager of Paul Harris. “But then you’ve got your nosy ones like me who want to see what’s going on.”

Goodman Segar is still trying to find a replacement for former anchor Miller & Rhoads, which closed its store in the mall in January. Whatever store replaces Miller & Rhoads likely won’t be open before 1991, Belue said.

Since the renovation began in January, the staircases at each end of the mall have been removed to make way for escalators and, at the end near Sears, a children’s recreation area and customer service booth.

Workers are leveling the mall’s first floor, which had several pit rest areas.

To make way for the skylighting, Belue said, work crews have disposed of an estimated 400 cubic yards of ceiling tiles, which have been taken to a recycling plant to be burned off as steam. Work crews also will remove the fake brick covering the 18-inch steel support beams, redesigning them as columns.

The food court, which will be called “Eats,” also be the site of a recreation-electronic games room, Belue said. A three-horse carousel will be added near the food court, on the second floor near the former Miller & Rhoads store.

Belue said the trend among developers now is to remodel existing structures instead of building new shopping centers. “All the land that would be good for shopping centers is gone,” he said.

At Coliseum, in addition to finding a fifth anchor, “we’re obviously looking very hard for a good children’s store to go into the mall, and we’d like more women’s apparel,” Tripp said. One women’s apparel store, Gantos, opened in Coliseum this week, and another store, Limited Express, is scheduled to open in a few weeks.

Following the completion of Coliseum’s renovation in October, some of the merchants who were relocated experienced a 2 percent to 3 percent drop in sales, Tripp said. “Their traditional customers didn’t realize where they were,” he said.

Tripp said he was encouraged by first-quarter sales figures, which show mall sales up 7.2 percent from the same period in 1989. Coliseum’s sales per square foot are “decent, but they stand to be improved,” he said; he declined to say what they were.

The mall will continue to battle with Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News to attract shoppers from the Denbigh and York County areas, Tripp said. “I think we’re sharing the market right now,” he said.

May 10, 2011

Borders Going out of Business Pictures, Newport News, VA, April 2011

Been forgetting to post these:

Borders Going out of Business Sale email

Borders Going Out of Business Sale (Newport News)

Borders going out of business Newport News

Borders going out of business newport news

Borders going out of business, Newport News

February 16, 2011

Newport News, Va Borders Closing

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Borders Bookstore @ Patrick Henry Mall (new)

All Yellow. All Commuter.

Former Dillards Mens and Kids department. (moved and gutted 2005) [Patrick Henry Mall, Newport News, VA]
Store opened in 2005. Not really surprised, the whole chain seems overpriced, the coffee is awful, their ereader (kobo) seems to be a pain to use, the only saving grace was it’s paperchase section.

complete list here

June 2, 2007

Macys (Patrick Henry Mall, Newport News, VA)

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Macys Patrick Henry Mall Newport News, VA





On The Renaming Block

August, 2005 when it was a Hecht’s.

Hechts In Macys Transition

August, 2006 during the transition.

May 20, 2007

Patrick Henry Mall Tenant List, 2001

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Patrick Henry Mall Directory 2001

It’s nice that malls have websites now, we can go on and look at their websites. For example, here is Patrick Henry Mall (Newport News, VA)’s tenant list in 2001 (around the time my family and I started to frequent the mall more):

Most of these stores are still at the mall though:


February 9, 2006

Worlds Largest Fireplace …. and Candlesticks?

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I totally forgot to post these when I took them back in December. They’re of Patrick Henry Mall’s (Newport News, VA) new renovations:

Worlds Largest Fireplace .... and Candlesticks?

I understand the new fireplace in the Patrick Henry Mall’s new foodcourt (“You understand the fireplace? koo-koo!” [/Franklin Sherman]). That’s great.

What I don’t understand is the HUGE candlesticks! Why?!?

New Mall Wing (former Dillards Mens and Kids Department - Patrick Henry Mall)

I was too scared to take a pic in the new mall wing (that’s not finished yet), so I took them through the doors.

If You're Changing, Why Not Take Down The Movie Marquee From 1998?

They finally covered up the old movie theater marquee at Patrick Henry Mall.

The movie theater probably closed in the mall in the late 1990’s. I think an old Navy is there now? I think the movie marquee was also the Mall’s entrance sign.

Borders Bookstore @ Patrick Henry Mall (new)

This is the new Borders. I wasn’t too impressed with it.

The new Borders (in the former Dillards Mens/Kids building)

Here is a picture of the store while it was being built.

Here’s a pic when it was just a skelton of the former Dillard’s mens and children’s department.

October 14, 2005

All Yellow. All Commuter.

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Patrick Henry Mall’s renovation is coming along swimmingly:

{I took these in September}

The Soon To Be New Again Patrick Henry Mall
{That’s the entrance I usually use}

All Yellow. All Commuter.

Here’s a pic I took in June of the renovatons the old Dillard’s Mens and Children’s Department:

Former Dillards Mens and Kids department. (moved and gutted 2005) [Patrick Henry Mall, Newport News, VA]

Here’s a really bad pic I took in August of one of the entrances:

Patrick Henry's Remodel

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