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August 10, 2013

Skinmarket (1999-2002)

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I only found out about the short lived teen cosmetics store, Skinmarket through my regular searching on eBay for discontinued cosmetics. A few weeks ago, I ran across this bright yellow, sparkly eyeshadow:

Skinmarket Cosmetics

Skinmarket Cosmetics

My “brow” color is the skinmarket eyeshadow, the lid shadow is Neo Orange pigment from MAC.

Skinmarket Cosmetics

Skinmarket’s web presence isn’t found easily online in 2013. I went on and only found one record of their website, from 2001. I took screencaps of what wasn’t broken from their website:

skinmarket on

skinmarket on

skinmarket on


Source by Flickr user John Forsythe.



November 23, 2011

X-Entertainment | Recreating McDonald’s Holiday Chicken McNuggets from 1987.

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X-Entertainment | Recreating McDonald’s Holiday Chicken McNuggets from 1987..

January 5, 2011

Starbucks new logo, a preview.

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More info here. The digbats who only go to starbucks for frappuchinos are like, “but I need words on the starbucks logo!” …

The new siren sorta reminds me of a network logo or a green cloud against a white sky.

November 13, 2010

Nouveau Cheap – “From the Vintage Vault”

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On a related note from the Cover Girl old Compacts post I made this summer, there is this category on this beauty blog, Nouveau Cheap of old cosmetics the author has found around her house.

July 14, 2010

Cover Girl packaging from the past

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I noticed recently that Cover Girl changed its packaging for the compacts:


Which reminded me of the “collect them all” mentality I had with Cover Girl compacts when I was in middle school in the mid to late 90s. I didn’t really pay attention to what the different formulas did, I was just excited when I saw a new color of a compact I didn’t have.

I found some examples of the ones I had on eBay this afternoon:


Ok, I didn’t have this one, but I remember seeing it in the old cruddy Rite Aid inside Coliseum Mall when I was a teenager. I think all the makeup in there had to be at least five years old.


This was my first compact, the Clean Sensitive Skin one. Farm Fresh has these on clearance right now along with the brown “regular” Clean compact:

Cover Girl compact, old design.


“Fresh Complexion” which seems to be in a dark navy compact. I remember seeing this one growing up, but I don’t think I ever had it. I dunno if “Fresh Complexion” was the same as “Clean Complexion” which recently had a makeover too.


Clarifying. I don’t believe I had this one.


Fresh Look. This was the last Cover Girl compact I bought before I bought the brown clean one pictured above. I remember I got this Christmas of 2001, and was not very impressed by it.


CG Smoothers. By the time the Smoothers line had come out, I had moved on.


Finally, there was one Covergirl Compact that was my absolute favorite. I only found it one time in the earlier mentioned ratty Rite Aid. All I remembered from it was that it was dark green, translucent, and I bought it with Christmas money from my grandma when I was 13 in 1997.

I finally did a search for it today after uploading that picture of the brown Clean. it took me forever, but I finally found ONE picture of it online, from here. It’s from Cover Girl’s moisturewear line. The compacts are nowhere to be found on eBay, but the liquid foundation is still floating around:


I found some other ancient Cover Girl packaging on eBay too:


It was popular for a while in middle school to have these lipglosses. Cover Girl still makes them.


I ❤ the packaging on this mascara. Always have. Never bought it though.

And finally, this is 20 year old makeup:


I even have a commercial of it from the 1st regular Simpsons episode, “Bart the Genius from January 14, 1990 (thanks to my friend Kristin):

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