That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

October 4, 2010

New Belk Logo

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Oh dang that looks a lot better than what they’ve been using for the past billion years.



March 21, 2009

“Colonial Mall [Staunton Mall] — Augusta, Virginia”

January 27, 2009

Staunton Mall Directory, 1989

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(I too cheap to just make a photocopy, so I’m typing it here @ the library)

(the original Staunton Mall post)

The F Stop
Lane Bryant
Hershey’s Jewerlers
Only One Dollar novelities
Burton’s Mens Store
Peoples Drug STore
Staunton Mall Offices
Piece Goods Shop Fabrics
JC Penney
K&K Toys
Payless Shoe Source
Fashion Bug
Staunton Mall Movie Theater
Boy’d Hardressers
Fun Time Arcade
Montomery Ward
Big Dipper Ice Cream
Athletic Annex
Matthews Hallmark
Ney’s Alfred Clothing Store
The Record Corner
Holliday Shoe Store
Kinney Shoe Store
Travel with Joy Travel
Family Barber & Beauty Shop
Radio Shack
Hofheimers Shoes
Sears Surplus Store
The Diamond Corner
Country Cookin
Glassner Jewelers
Lemons Jewerly
Merle Norman Studio
The Cinnamon Bear Bakery
The Mark-it
Altlas Tuxedo
Centerpoint Books
Hip Pocket
Bartley Richard Optical
Hayden Msic of Staunton
The Pearced Ear (yup, spelled that way)

November 10, 2007

Belk (Williamsburg, VA @ Windsormeade Marketplace)

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Belk (Williamsburg, VA @ Windsormeade Marketplace)

I know, that’s a tiny sign. I assume this is due to Williamsburg’s strict zoning laws.

I think this Belk opened in late 2006. I didn’t go in today. Next time I will.

Windsormeade Marketplace (Williamsburg, VA)

June 28, 2006

Becker Village Mall (Roanoke Rapids, NC–Dead Since 2002?)

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So, last Monday my friend Gary & I drove out to Roanoke Rapids, NC to find different sodas and drinks. He told me when he was doing research on the city that there was a mall there; Becker Village Mall and it had a JC Penney and a Belk. I always like to visit new malls dead or alive so I was excited about this.

Becker Villiage Mall (dead since 2002?)

I knew things were going to be bad the minute we saw the sign. That is one oudated sign!

Becker Village Mall (dead since 2002?)

We walked in and Gary said, “” and I said, “I’m in love!!”.

There were only three, four people walking in the mall. One was a custodian.

Becker Villiage Mall (Roanoke Rapids, NC--Dead Since 2002?)

Upon doing research, we learned that this closed in 2002–when most of the mall packed up and moved out when KMart shut down.

Becker Villiage Mall

This place looks like it was here from day one.

Becker Villiage Mall (Roanoke Rapids, NC--Dead Since 2002?)

Gary took this picture from the bathroom hallway. My friend Sarah saw the pic on Flickr and said, “that’s a mall? weird. it looks like the science building at my school.” She also supplied the Becker photo.

JC Penney, Becker Villiage Mall. Roanoke Rapids, NC

I took a picture of the JC Penney as we were driving away.

So, this place only had six stores open:

JC Penney
Shoe Dept
Hibbett Sports
Hit Wear.

The mall was small and about the size of two drugstores. When we both came home, Gary did research on the mall. Apparently KMart closing in 2002 killed this place.


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