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November 18, 2009

The Associated Press: JC Penney to stop publishing ‘big book’ catalogs

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JC Penney to stop publishing 'big book' catalogsAP – 11 hours agoPLANO, Texas — J.C. Penney will stop publishing its twice-yearly “big book” catalogs, now that customers increasingly shop online.Instead, J.C. Penney Co. says it will publish specialty catalogs and focus its efforts online, on the Web site and on social networks. In part, the company says it is responding to consumer habits to view catalogs more as “look books.”The Plano, Texas, company will continue to publish its Christmas catalog and others, such as the “Little Red Book” for women's apparel and “Matters of Style” for men.Eliminating the hefty twice-a-year catalogs will cut the company's paper use by 25 percent to 30 percent in 2010.

via The Associated Press: JC Penney to stop publishing ‘big book’ catalogs.

article #2:

J.C. Penney is turning last page on its Big Book

01:10 PM CST on Wednesday, November 18, 2009

By MARIA HALKIAS / The Dallas Morning News

The J.C. Penney Co. Big Book is dead – a victim of shoppers’ growing reliance on the Internet.

Plano-based Penney confirmed that its fall/winter 2009 catalog is its last semiannual, telephone-book-size volume.
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The Internet has made the 1,000-page shopping venue obsolete, and printing and transportation costs have been rising annually. The move also improves Penney’s environmental footprint, reducing its catalog paper use by 30 percent next year.

Smaller, more frequent mailings of specialty catalogs targeting customers’ shopping habits make more sense today, said Mike Boylson, Penney’s chief marketing officer.

“It became a very ineffective way to communicate to our customers,” he said. “It forced us to bring product in too early and locked in pricing. It was an outdated way of shopping and the last big book in America.”

Penney has catalogs supporting its large home-goods business, including its private label Cooks kitchen catalog and Rooms Babies Love. Along with several women’s and men’s apparel catalogs, the company determined that shoppers increasingly use catalogs as “look books” and inspiration for their store and online purchases.

In the last two years, Penney consolidated its buying and marketing teams, which previously operated separately for stores, catalog and Internet sales.

“We had two buyers of everything, like Noah’s Ark,” he said. “The biggest, more important store items weren’t even in the catalog.”

Big Book sales have been on a decline since 2000 as more shoppers turn to Penney’s online sales hit $1 billion a year in 2006.

“It has an aging customer. Younger customers don’t shop the Big Book,” Boylson said.

Once 1,500 pages, Penney’s Big Book dropped to well below 900 pages a few years ago. Since 2003, Penney has been shrinking its catalog operation, closing fulfillment centers and telemarketing operations. By 2004, about 40 percent of Penney’s catalog shoppers were placing orders on, instead of calling an 800 number.

Sales peaked in 1999 at about $4 billion. Penney stopped breaking out its catalog and Internet sales a few years ago. Penney’s Big Book circulation topped out at 14 million. It printed 9 million copies of the final volume.

October 23, 2009

JCPenney Fall & Winter 1983 Cover

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JCPenney Fall & Winter 1983 Cover

January 24, 2008

1988.xx.xx Sears Christmas Catalog P531

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{This is from one of my Flickr friends.}

My mom bought those benders curlers from this exact catalog. They never worked too well, and we probably trashed them when we moved to Wakefield in 2000.

I have the Conair Geometricks (the four in one thing down at the bottom). I bought that in almost mint condition at a CHKD thrift store in Smithfield in 2004. It’s in storage now 😦

November 20, 2007

“Waxing About Wishbooks 1985 Edition”

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September 21, 2007

The Complete 1983 Sears Wishbook

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You know back in 2005 when I did a series on the 1983 Sears and J.C. Penney Christmas Catalogs my mom saved for me?

Well, someone on Flickr has THE ENTIRE CATALOG SCANNED.

October 8, 2006

The 1983 JC Penney And Sears Christmas Cataloge Project

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(This was originally posted in my blog during the summer and fall of 2005)

In 1983 (the year I was born) my mom saved the 1983 Sears and JC Penney Christmas catalogs. We thought we lost them when we moved to Wakefield in 2000, but when we were moving to Franklin last summer we found them again. They were severely water damaged though, hence these images being taken with my digital camera instead of scanned (and, my dad’s PC [my eMac is too new to use the scanner with] was dead at the moment).

Here they are, all together in their own category

And here are some recent ones:

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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July 15, 2006

They’ll Never Forget The Christmas When They Had To Clean Up Popcorn Puke

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You guys remember last summer when we moved and my dad found those 1983 JC Penney and Sears catalogs my mom saved for me to look at when I got older?

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Sorry the little boy with his toy hair dryer is on the crease of the page. I think the 70’s and the 80’s were the only times that blow dryers were in toy grooming kits.

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Sweet Christ No! I so remember the page devoted to marionette dolls and “old timey dolls” in the JC Penney and Sears catalogs. I always thought, “No who buys those for their kids?”. I didn’t know any kid who got a Howdy Doody or Bozo doll for Christmas. This must be the “toys for adults page” in the cataloge. Although I am kinda crushing on the Bozo doll. I wouldn’t mind having one today. Oh yeah, and what’s up with the Huck Finn Doll?

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I have wanted a Mickey Mouse phone since the beginning of time. They’re always so expensive though. Like almost a hundred bucks. Even at antique stores they’re like $50-$80. The Kermit phone is interesting as well. I still haven’t found a photo of the Olive Oyl phone that I want so badly. When I was five, we’d go to this Salvation Army thirft store and they had a red rotary phone, and Olive Oyl was laying on the cradle. This phone was not for sale.

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If every family didn’t get these in the 1980’s then they shure did in the 1990’s. Almost every year I would always get a popcorn tin from mom. I threw out all the other ones but kept a Peanuts one that I keep my old newspaper clippings in.

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Of all the promo crap they made for the remake movie last year, I wonder why they didn’t make a kiddie bedspread set.

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This is 1983, correct?

September 7, 2005

My Leather Phone Makes The Ladies Quiiver

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More 1983 JC Penny & Sears stuff…guns, leather phones, truck accessories, play food, a cool old camera, and some more phones:

Image hosted by

Yeah, JC Penny (yes, that JC Penny) had GUNS in their catalogs back in the 80’s! But only hunting guns.

Here’s the specifics on ordering a gun from JC Penny:

  • WE DO NOT SELL GUNS TO PERSONS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE. (higher where local regulations require.) Delivery is made only through a JC Penny Catalog Department. Read full details on page 845.
  • WE PAY DELIVERY on all firearms to nearest Catalog Department.
  • I guess the guns got picked up at the Catalog Department because they could force the customer to show them ID?

    Image hosted by

    Including guns, JC Penny also had a truck accessories section of their catalog! Yeah…that truck couch looks really safe, faces meet the pavement the second the driver has to throw on the brakes.

    Image hosted by
    {JC Penny}
    How much counter space would you want to give up for one of these babies! They’re all as big as a nightstand table top!

    Image hosted by

    Check out the phone that has its own…leather dust cover? Here is the decription of the phone:

    Contempra/Talia Telephone. Beaitifully crafted in fine Italian leather, this unique status symbol is the perfect gift for that special somone who appreciates the finer things in life.The sleek handset features conveinent touch tone dialing buttons. Converts quickly and easily from desk to wall phone. ….. $174.99

    I wish I could’ve seen someone have this phone on their wall. While typing that description up, I saw a phone in there that was even more than the leather phone that I didn’t catch the time I took pictures of these things. Oh, it’ll be up here in a few days.

    Image hosted by

    This camera is awesome! I love it. I love 1980’s cameras. Too bad none of them really work anymore.

    Image hosted by
    I could never have enough play food sets and play kitchen sets growing up. I loved them. I’m sure we all have our favorites. I loved when there was some brand recognition in our play kitchen sets as well. I’m crushing on the La Choy stuff in the bottom right hand corner.

    Image hosted by

    And finally..we all knew somebody who knew somebody who had one of these racing sets in their bedrooms/rumpus rooms back in the day…and we all knew someone who knew someone who had one but mom made them throw it away or put it in the yard sale because they lost a peice or it just stopped working. And my dad and I were the ones who would buy them off the kids’ mom and try to see if they’d work on Sunday afternoons with the Sunday afternoon movie in the background on the UHF channel. Dad and I never got them to work.

    August 23, 2005

    Back When Garfield Was On All Fours

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    Today I wanted to reserve my 1983 catalog entries to one section, and to one catalog. In 1983 the Sears Wish Book devoted 4 pages to … Garfield. (you know, back when Garfield was funny). When I was 13-17 I had a huge garfield collection I probably had over 100 Garfield things, but looking at this stuff I only owned 3 things out of this catalog spread:

    Image hosted by

    I owned several of those little Odies (mom and relatives would pick them up for me at the thrift stores and yard sales, they didn’t know how many little Odies I had). I think I had 4 of these guys before my collection ended. (I packed it up when we moved to Wakefield in 2000 and put it in my attic).

    No, those Garfields in the bottom left corner are not wearing glasses, they were talking Garfields whose eyes would move. I guess they didn’t think about painting the inside of Garfield’s head orange so it wouldn’t look like he was wearing glasses.

    Image hosted by

    I wish I had found one of those Garfield tote bags when I was collecting, I’d carry that around as a purse.

    Oh hey, I forgot I had a close up of it:

    Image hosted by

    I like the little Garfield scooter thing with him holding the rear of it. They don’t make things like that anymore. Too bad 90% of them got rust and sun damage by the time summer of 1984 arrived.

    Image hosted by

    If they made that sleeping bag (lower left corner) when I was in my sleepover days I would of been all over that. Instead I got Mickey and Minnie mouse one and a Babysitter’s Club one.

    Check out the latchhook kit, that’s kinda sad. It looks like Garfield up in kitty heaven.

    Image hosted by

    I had a plethora of metal wastebasket bins growing up. Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobbie and a late 80’s Garfield one. But man did those things get NASTY after the first time you trashed a soda can that had just a little bit of soda left in it. I still remember the smell of my Garfield one. Yuck. I just use a piority mail box for a wastebasket now and carry my soda cans to the kitchen to be thrown away. Finally learned my lesson after 22 years.

    August 17, 2005

    "But I Thought We Were Going To See ET Again"

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    0/~When You’re Bored And Have Nothing Else To Write About, It’s Time To Turn To The 1983 Catalogs Again!o/~

    See how I made that into a song? Just put those little makeshift music notes at the beginning and end of each sentence.

    Anyways, more horrors from 1983—His And Here’s Red Long Johns, Huge Microwaves, Bert And Ernie Slippers, Barbie Goes Camping, Nightmarish Wallpaper, And How To Ruin Your Kitchen In One Easy Step:

    Image hosted by

    {JC Penny}Doesn’t this pic just yell 32 year old businessman who brought his 19 year old girlfriend with him to the bosses cabin for the weekend? It looks like he’s telling that losing your virginity isn’t a scary thing. (Hence the reason why he brought her up to the cabin that weekend, and the reason why she bought them matching red long johns)

    Image hosted by

    {JC Penny}NIGHTMARISH WALLPAPER! I mean my mom told me she loved me 9,000 times already by the time this catalog came out (Keep in mind I was born in 1983, this is why I have these catalogs), but for the parents that just could not tell their kid they loved them, there was the “I [heart] You” wallpaper.

    Check out the ‘RAINBOW’ wallpaper, no not the wallpaper with the rainbows on it, but the wallpaper with the actual word RAINBOW on it.

    Image hosted by

    {JC Penny}
    How to ruin your $3,000 cabinetry in one fell swoop! Imagine if you will walking in after a hard days work and seeing your wife with your iron in her hand ironing laminate to the cabinets. What’s up with the beige rattan one? That looks like those shelf liners that also double for a nonslip mat (I forgot the actual term for them, but my mom uses them so her cutting boards stay still)

    Image hosted by

    I had Bert and Ernie slippers growing up too, but mine had the little plastic heads on them, and once my slippers wore out, dad would cut the heads off the slippers and I’d have Bert and Ernie heads to play with. The Cookie Monster slipper is wearing a chefs hat apparently. Bert’s ears are HUGE in slipper form!

    Image hosted by

    {Sears}I had a Barbie camper like that! Expect mine was from the 70’s and it was yellow. I loved that thing. That snack bar tent looks interesting though. If they still made that when I was playing with Barbies, I’d want it. Barbie’s own Dominos Pizza couldn’t beat that. (yeah, I had a Barbie Dominos Pizza. I thought it was the coolest Barbie playset ever, sad thing is I got it when I was 11)

    Image hosted by

    {Sears}The catalog calls this a, “Micro/Convection Oven”, that “combines the speed of a microwave oven with the “hot air” browning of a convection oven.

    Did anybody’s parents actually own one of these? I’m dying to know if someone actually made a ham with it or a turkey.

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