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March 4, 2015

Sweet Briar Closing in August

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Sweet Briar (2015 college closure webpage archive)

Sweet Briar, a womens college is shutting down in August. Us alumni of womens colleges (including myself: Mary Baldwin, 2010) are absolutely devastated.

I visited SBC when I was looking for a womens college to transfer to after graduating from community college back in 2007:
Sweet Briar Cafeteria Kitty Cat
Nooo Diet Coke

“sold out of diet coke until Wednesday”

Suffice to say, SBC never contacted me back after I filled out my application. That’s all in the past now though. I graduated from Mary Baldwin.


2 years ago

I remember sitting on this couch at the prospective student orientation when I panicked and told dad I didn’t want to stay there overnight back in 2007. I sat on this couch in 2009 when I was sick at the MARCUS conference.


I want this couch.


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