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August 10, 2013

Skinmarket (1999-2002)

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I only found out about the short lived teen cosmetics store, Skinmarket through my regular searching on eBay for discontinued cosmetics. A few weeks ago, I ran across this bright yellow, sparkly eyeshadow:

Skinmarket Cosmetics

Skinmarket Cosmetics

My “brow” color is the skinmarket eyeshadow, the lid shadow is Neo Orange pigment from MAC.

Skinmarket Cosmetics

Skinmarket’s web presence isn’t found easily online in 2013. I went on and only found one record of their website, from 2001. I took screencaps of what wasn’t broken from their website:

skinmarket on

skinmarket on

skinmarket on


Source by Flickr user John Forsythe.




This is the only article I found about Skinmarket from 1999:

Makeup Heaven for Teen Angels

Page 2 / News, Trends, Gossip and Stuff To Do | Comfort

March 19, 1999|BARBARA THOMAS

Tony Hirsch had a revelation when he entered his stepdaughter’s bathroom and saw she had 79 nail polishes. “A lightbulb went off in my head,” he said.

Thursday, Hirsch and his wife, Patsy, launched a cosmetics and skin care shop for girls called SkinMarket at the Beverly Center. This won’t be their mothers’ store, and that’s precisely the point, Hirsch said.

SkinMarket is designed to be a hangout for teenagers. “The whole attitude is happy loitering,” he said, a place where girls can be girls. They can order custom-colored lipstick ($14.95 plus shipping and handling) and write messages to friends that will later be sunk into Zen soap ($9.50). Customers can also try on nail polish, listen to the latest CDs, read European fashion magazines and get a make-over.

“It’s a place to listen to rock ‘n’ roll,” Hirsch said, then corrected himself. “Of course, young girls don’t listen to rock ‘n’ roll anymore.”

Hirsch, who launched HMV Music Ltd. record stores in Canada and the U.S., was a marketing consultant who wanted to test his theories. The British native’s research found that “in [the U.S.], girls spend an average of $42 a month on cosmetics.” That’s second only to clothes.

Teen girls told him they like experimenting with makeup and such but that they are a little intimidated at department store makeup counters.

According to Hirsch, “The girls love this, but their mothers won’t.”

SkinMarket cosmetics, soaps, shampoos and nail polishes are in the same price range as BathWorks and the Body Shop–chains that cater to teen girls. And Hirsch hopes this will be the first of many SkinMarket stores. “Teenage culture is the same in Denver as it is in L.A., with a twist,” he said.

SkinMarket: (310) 854-6935.

Screen shot 2013-08-10 at 9.49.13 PM


Photos of a Skinmarket store from Factory Design Worx Inc.


From A.R.E. Designs. I think this is a display to sit in another store, other than Skinmarket.

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  1. I loved Skinmarket! I was a 19-20 year old college student when it was open, and I remember going there for just those couple of years. I always wondered why I had no recollection of it before that, and I just recently realized it was gone! I remember one of my long-time best friends and I exchanging gifts from there for Christmas one year. I probably only threw that eyeshadow away a couple years ago 🙂 One thing they had that was awesome was the face mask bar, where they would scoop the cold goop into little cups of as much as you wanted, like a deli for your face 🙂

    Comment by Jenny — October 13, 2013 @ 11:02 am | Reply

  2. i still have a tube of red lipstick i bought from skinmarket, probably around 2000. it is hands down the best red lipstick i’ve every purchased. it lasts longer than anything else which is probably why i’ve had it this long.

    Comment by t-kay. (@tttkay) — February 1, 2014 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

  3. I remember getting iridescent lip glosses from them online and they were frickin awesome! I also recently dug out the loose pigments I got for eyes. Why didn’t I get more? They are soooooo gorgeous. I’m hoping Inglot has similar stuff.

    Comment by Whitney — September 15, 2016 @ 8:50 pm | Reply

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