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June 17, 2012

From A.A. Adams to Urban Outfitters | |

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From A.A. Adams to Urban Outfitters | |

From A.A. Adams to Urban Outfitters | |

June 11, 2012

Local Hampton Roads commercials from the 1990s (from my collection, part 1)

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“No family can fit in an Escort (1996)”
-Ford Escort
-News Channel 3
-Advance Auto Parts (what terrible timing for this commercial …. you know that “in memorial” in the beginning of the video? That was for two firefighters who died in a fire at an Advance Auto Parts store.)
-Neighborhood Radar (give me a break!)
-Ford Escort
-WalMart (apparently West Bend folded in 2003?)

“FIRST COUGHING, NOW TALKING! (thanksgiving, 1996)”

-Robitussin Cough Drops
-JCPenney (lol, I had a dress like the gold and black one but in purple, what was I thinking?)
-Wendys (with BB King)
-Early Edition (what up, My So Called Life music?)
-Welcome Home Montage
-Toyota Tacoma
-Target (lol I remember reading in the paper’s “black Friday coverage” people were fighting over those stupid bags!)
-The Nutty Professor VHS
-Home Improvement (I miss the days when a sitcom would come on at 5:30 in the afternoon instead of the news, remember when the local news only came on at like, 5 and 6pm?)
-Welcome Home promo (Della Reese)

“The fried onions we consumed on Friday nights. (1993)”
-5th Annual Baby Festival (eww drooly babies)
-Coca Cola Masters of the Gridiron (its so weird to see a plastic coke 20oz bottle looking like that, that was so long ago)
-Chilis Awesome Blossom

“Dwaaaaang! (1995)”
-Budget Gourmet
-Miss Universe
-Dr. Quinn (why was Dr. Quinn and Sully’s engagement called off?)
-Glidden Spred House Paint
-A Current Affair
-TV3 News
-Quik Tite Super Glue (I used to use the nail glue version of this back in middle school.)
-Wendys (How much would that dude’s meal be in 2012, I wonder…)
-Cool Whip
-Matrix Biologe Shampoo

-WTKR news report promo on STD’s
-Hall Auto World (every single white guy in 1995 looked like this guy.)
-WTKR “We’re Talkin’ Boats”
-Met Life

“They’re like this couple now!” (1994)
-My So Called Life
-WVEC School Spirit Quick Quiz (What’s the deal at :44, that strange black and white closeup of the traditionally “hot” teacher? So creepo!)
-Olympus (beginning is missing)
-Discover Card Big Payback
-KMart (with Kathy Ireland)

“The McDonalds next door to the stadium (1994)”

-Virginia Lottery
-KMart (aw, back when Kmart was still trying)
-General Foods International Coffee (miss u Kaluha coffee :()
-McDonalds Holiday Film Fest
-Under Suspicion
-Thanksgiving programming
-Pontiac Grand Am

“Dalmatians on Parade (Thanksgiving, 1996)”

-Axid AR (doesn’t this packaging remind anybody of Aleve?)
-Clairol Natural Instincts
-JCPenney after Thanksgiving Sale
-Life Watches (I dunno if this company even lasted ten years.)
-Dolly Parton Treasures
-Touched by an Angel
-Hills After Thanksgiving Sale (!!!, our Hills in Hampton, VA shut down around two weeks after Christmas, ’96)
-Leggett After Thanksgiving Sale
-Scoop with Dan & Dorthy (what?)

“Just PLANE Fun, aahahaha get it?! (1991)”

-Scarlett & Beyond
-Oldsmobile Silhouette with Julie Nimoy
-Nikon Teletouch 300
-Tomorrow on the World Today
-Chevy Geo Dealer Network (love that soda can crushing sound)
-Red Baron Bar & Lounge in Newport News (this is so EPIC)
-Pay Per View (Bad Influence)
-Mix 105.3 (used to listen to this radio station when I was in 4th grade)

“Are you prepared to be sued?” (1996)

-Evening News
-Sunday Morning
-Sixty Minutes
-Network ID with Candace Bergen
-Grand Discount Furniture (oo free basketball)
-Nature’s Own Bread
-Project A+ (poor Angie Vogel)
-News Channel 3
-The Special Report was when two firefighters died at the Advance Auto Parts store in Chesapeake on March 18, 1996. This was their memorial service.

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