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September 28, 2011

JCPenney Goes For Broke With Remarkably Dumb, Sexist Ad

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JCPenney Goes For Broke With Remarkably Dumb, Sexist Ad. {}


Seriously, how stupid is this commercial?


September 23, 2011

“A Nation Mourns – Online Exhibit of the Corporate Web’s Response to September 11th”

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The world changed on September 11, 2001. So did the corporate world’s desire to communicate directly to the public. This gallery documents the groundbreaking use of corporate homepages as a direct outlet for the people and emotion behind the brands.

I found this on my friend Sarah’s twitter, she said to make sure to check out the Hormel one:

I forgot that the Spam musejm was supposed to open near 9/11.

! I forgot the Spam museum was supposed to open around 9/11.

Also, the Spam museum is in an old Kmart.

September 21, 2011

V. depressing “We are Walmart” video

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Just watching this made me want to throw myself off a bridge. Those poor walmart workers.

September 19, 2011

Why is selling walgreens stuff?

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Buy Walgreens pain & fever relief, new products, and new products products online.


…I thought they were affiliated with Rite Aid? It looks like the last Rite Aid thing they have is the Rite Aid Self Grip Athletic Bandage.

September 16, 2011

Target’s Missoni fallout post

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This entry is an archive of everything Target for Missoni related.

“Missoni for Target Orders Delayed a Month, Possibly Canceled.” (Racked)

original Lookbook (Racked)
larger view

This also includes a picture of the makeup brushes that were not produced, according to Target’s style Twitter the brushes were not up to quality:


Screeengrabs from Target’s Missoni website:





(This is all I could get, the site began to crash again as I was capping these)

The entire collection from Racked:


Click for larger

Due to limited finances (aka using bill me later on eBay, and going to Coinstar) all I got was a kids sweater I’m gonna make a scarf out of, the flats, the heels, the bobby pins, and a pair of knee high socks. I wanted a blanket, but ahahahaha look at the prices on eBay, that’s never going to happen. I also wanted the file folders and the journals, but 1) I didn’t have the money and 2) by the time I actually got to Target they were all beat up.

Other accounts, which also includes the “Four cart asshat”, heh.

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