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August 12, 2011

Two 1986 Wal Mart Commercials (not mine) (updated)

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Wal Mart Chic Jeans Ad – “She has no ass”, “wow…flat ass.”, “Nice Chevelle………flat ass though.”, “Melanie must not look good if we can’t see what she looks like.”, “this is actually a LOT less painful than the Wal-Mart commercials they make now….”


Polaroid VHS Tapes – “Of course, nowadays you can get 2 for .99 cents!”, “I’M BUYIN!”.

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  1. Whoa, wow–the mid ’80s. I didn’t even own a TV back then . . . Thanks for filling in the gaps.

    Hey, we’re all just a little special. (Lord knows I am.)

    Ms. Melanie Size Zero and her beau Mr. Chevelle Restorer have since tied the knot, and by now their first born is college aged. About another 15 years and he or she could be President.

    And thanks to those like Mr. Polaroid VHS with recorders ablazin’, we can relive those special times. (I got sidetracked into the 60s Newport ads.)

    Who’d know that irony would be such hard work.

    Comment by Kevin Seward — September 3, 2007 @ 9:15 am | Reply

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