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July 31, 2011

The Daily Press Venom Line, April 30, 1993

Filed under: newspaper clippings — Anita @ 12:06 am

Apparently my local newspaper had a line where people would call and complain about things, and they would be published in the newspaper.

Some gems:

* I have a question for LeAnne Raines from WAVY TV-10. You’re the prettiest woman on TV; why aren’t you married?

* Don’t you hate it when you get a fresh pack of gummy worms, open them, eat a couple and when you’re done with them, try to fold the pack and it won’t stay folded and the gummy worms get stale?

* It is such a turn off when you see guys who have their jeans tight rolled.

* To the guy who thinks Crystal Pepsi tastes bad, get your head out of the dog dish.

* To the people who don’t like to be made fun of when they wear the ’60s look. If you would be original and quit trying to copy the lowest cultural point on our planet, you wouldn’t be ragged on so much.

* To the Garth Brooks, John Travolta wannabe who comes to the RK. Boy, can you really dance – NOT!

* To the person who wrote that Tori Spelling was beautiful. To me she looks like a dead person that just woke up and came from out of a grave. I think she has no purpose on the show and her character should be cut. The only reason she’s on the show is that her dad is the producer.

* This new song from Snow “Informer” drives me crazy. What the hell is he saying? If somebody knows, please tell me.

*Hey, I’m a 16 year-old-girl. How should I tell my mom I want to have sex? She’s not really a person I can talk to and I don’t know how to break it down for her. I hate the idea of sneaking around, I don’t want to and I’m not going to start. How can I go to her and tell her I want protection and I’m responsible enough?


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