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August 22, 2009

Super Fresh Bag, 1991?

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Super Fresh Bag, 1991?

Inside this bag was all of dad’s old newspapers from the Persian Gulf War, the Hampton Roads + Colonial Heights + Petersburg tornado in 1993, and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

I took pictures of the interesting things in the papers, but the stuff I scanned will have to wait until I come back home for fall break.

August 19, 2009

SNL “Target Lady” Sketches

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Customer #3: Excuse me, is this register open?

Customer #2: Yeah, I guess, but the lady just took off.

Customer #3: Is it a white lady with a haircut that looks like she’s got bangs that go all the way around her head and never stop?

Customer #2: Yeah.

Customer #3: Does she sound like her voice box is covered in egg?

Customer #2: That’s her.

Customer #3: Yep, I thought so. I’m waiting in the other line.

Some Women Feel Uncomfortable Buying From Pretty Sales Associates – Attractive salesgirls – Jezebel

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Some Women Feel Uncomfortable Buying From Pretty Sales Associates – Attractive salesgirls – Jezebel.

I feel this way all.the.time. I have low self esteem problems however, so it might stem from that.

August 12, 2009

Quincy’s [Misguided] Rockin’ Wraps (1997)

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Quincy's Rockin' Wraps (1997)

I’m pretty sure the Quincy’s in Hampton, VA is still a funeral parlor.

This was around the time that Americans started to eat wraps like crazy, but Quincy’s didn’t get it. A wrap is NOT a huge honking bun wrapped in paper! This is their famous “Big Fat Yeast Rolls” served as a sandwich. No wonder there are only a minuscule amount of locations still around … or are they all dead? Help?

August 9, 2009

Mercury Plaza vs. Coliseum Mall (April, 2002)

Mercury Plaza vs. Coliseum Mall (April, 2002)

Scanned directly from my journal back in 2002, hence the spiral in the middle. This was either right before or right after Circuit City closed at Mercury Plaza, and when Barnes & Noble just opened at Coliseum Mall.

Now both of them are torn down and replaced. The Burlington Coat Factory at Mercury Plaza moved to the mall around 2003, and when the mall was torn down, it moved back to the ground the Mercury Plaza was back on.

Coliseum Mall went on to be the Peninsula Town Center.

(Here is a big version so you can read the captions

Bradlees; Bordentown, N.J. – a set on Flickr

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Bradlees; Bordentown, N.J. – a set on Flickr.

A Bradlees in Mint condition from one of my friends on Flickr.

Target + Chesapeake Square Mall, Chesapeake, VA

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Dad and I drove to Norfolk last Saturday (to see if the cracks in my MacBook could get fixed, they didn’t have the part), and then we had to find a Target so I could get my prescription filled so we kept on getting lost and wound up in Chesapeake, to the Chesapeake Square Mall. Boy has that place changed from the last time I went there when I was like 15-ish. It still has anchor stores, but the actual stores in the mall are getting kinda junky, there’s nothing special about it really.

$500 Popeye

Except for $500 Popeye at the tacky gift shop (lol it has these “plaques” of celebrities, that is just a stock photo of them, and some random facts everybody and their cousin knows) that was going out of business.

Target, Chesapeake Square Mall

The mall now has a Target which wasn’t there the last time I visited. It’s the first time I’ve ever been inside a mall location Target. When I came back to get my prescription, I saw this skank walking around with the pink polkadot body pillow that I wanted to get because it matches my green polka dot comforter I bought a few weeks ago.

The service in the Pharmacy was terrible. C&P’d from my Yelp review on it:

I only went here because my dad and I were on the road and I needed my prescription filled before we got back home to the boonies.

Since this is a mall location, it is quite small compared to other Target stores, and there are less check out lanes. Also, the store has an odd layout (just an example, all the dorm stuff is scattered around the store instead of just in one section), and there are a few dark spots in the store.

The pharmacy staff is extremely rude, all they cared about when I got there to drop off my prescription was going on their break and when I came back to get it the cashier was extremely rude, at first not even acknowledging that we could in fact pay for our other purchases at the pharmacy as well. She also refused to take our stuff out of the handbasket, and didn’t even put my merchandise in the reuseable bag I gave her, she just like, put the stuff on top of the bag.

I took the Target survey that is on most of Target’s receipts on my iPhone as my dad drove us home. I gave this store a scathing review, hopefully someone at HQ reads it.

//edit, August 11, 2009//

Saw this article today:

Published on | (
Dillard’s will close Chesapeake Square store by October


Dillard’s plans to close its Chesapeake Square department store – one of five locations in Hampton Roads – by early October, a Dillard’s spokeswoman said Monday.

Struggling with falling sales, Dillard’s Inc. has been closing underperforming stores for the past year. The Chesapeake Square store, which occupies two sites inside the mall, is among five that Dillard’s slated to shut this year.

Dillard’s filed notice with the state that it will lay off the store’s 45 employees by Sept. 23. The retailer is trying to find jobs for those workers at other locations, said Julie Bull, the spokeswoman for the retailer based in Little Rock, Ark.

Dillard’s has no plans to close any of its other four stores in Hampton Roads, Bull said. Those stores are at Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake, MacArthur Center in Norfolk, Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach and Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News.

“Our commitment to the Hampton Roads area remains tremendously strong,” she said.

At Chesapeake Square, Dillard’s used one store for men’s and children’s merchandise and the other for women’s clothing, accessories and cosmetics. The two sites totaled about 100,000 square feet, smaller than most of the chain’s stores, Bull said.

Simon Property Group Inc., which owns Chesapeake Square, has no immediate plan for the Dillard’s space, said Les Morris, spokesman for the Indianapolis company, the nation’s largest shopping mall operator.

“We will look for a replacement tenant,” he said, adding that Simon could replace the single stores with multiple retailers. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be a one-for-one exchange.”

Dillard’s came to Hampton Roads in 1997 after purchasing local department stores from Proffitt’s Inc.

That put Dillard’s in Chesapeake Square, Greenbrier Mall, Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach, Patrick Henry Mall and Coliseum Mall in Hampton.

The Southeastern retailer set out to dominate the local market.

In 1998, Dillard’s and Belk swapped several department stores in Virginia and other states, giving Dillard’s a location at Lynnhaven Mall and second locations at Chesapeake Square and two other local malls. The following year, Dillard’s opened a 250,000-square-foot anchor store at MacArthur Center in downtown Norfolk.

“We were really wanting to expand in Virginia,” Bull said.

Dillard’s closed its Pembroke Mall store in July 2002, the same year it expanded at Lynnhaven Mall. Coliseum Mall was razed in early 2007 to make way for the new Peninsula Town Center.

The five local Dillard’s are among a total of nine in Virginia and 314 nationwide.

Last year, Dillard’s closed 21 stores as part of a “strategic” plan that began before the current economic challenges, Bull said.

In May, the company reported that first-quarter net sales dropped 12 percent to $1.47 billion from the same time last year, and sales in comparable stores – those open 12 months or more, providing the best measure of year-over-year performance – fell 13 percent.

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