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April 29, 2009

Circuit City Website, Circa 1996

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(I had a better post for this, but apparently WordPress or Firefox ate the end of it)


Oh, wow you haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Circuit City webpage from 1996.

Here is a screen cap in case that page doesn’t work, which it doesn’t from time to time:



You guize, the store locator is totally done in Microsoft FrontPage. Now, FrontPage is fine for a personal webpage, or your Daily Show fan page, but for a company? Even in 1996? The generic “store locator” graphic is totally made in mid 1990’s colors.

I also like that the site has the new feature of sending things to Mexico.

April 26, 2009

Former Newmarket Fair / Newmakret North Mall Entrance(s).

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I took these when I was home during Easter.

Former Newmarket Fair / Newmakret North Mall Entrance.

Netcenter actually had signs up at the old entrances of the mall. This was the one in between Sears and the old Leggett. Which is now a Sears and Northrop Grumman.

Former Newmarket Fair / Newmakret North Mall Entrance.

No wait, maybe its this one.

Verizon (Former Miller & Rhoads) Hampton, VA

Yeah I moved my iPhone too quick while taking the photo :(. This is where Miller & Rhoads used to be. It’s now offices for Verizon.

April 22, 2009

YouTube – Ridiculous Grocery Store Video

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Apparently these guys are technically middlemen, and according to this blog entry only three grocery brokers exist?

The scene with the old man ‘rapping’ is perhaps the most painfully awkward thing on YouTube.

April 21, 2009

1997 Scottie Pippen Montgomery Ward Commercial

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(from my friend Kristin)

Commercial break includes:

-Montgomery Ward (with Scottie Pippen, notice how Scottie isn’t wearing an offical Bulls jersey). I think this was just a local spot for Illinois?

-Ford Escort (lol, I had the 2000 Ford Escort which looked similar to this one, thing died after six years, but yet Escorts that are 20 years are still on the road)

-Illinois lottery (I swear they repeat people’s names)

-Miller Lite (reminds me of the time I went bezerk when the power went out during the 1992 Olympics when I was 9, but without the beer)

April 2, 2009

“CVS expands reach in Hampton Roads” {Daily Press}

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CVS expands reach in Hampton Roads

By Veronica Chufo | 247-4741
April 2, 2009

CVS/pharmacy has purchased five sites on the Peninsula and plans to open four stores this year.

Opening this summer are stores at 13000 Warwick Blvd. in Newport News and 2315 W. Mercury Blvd. in Hampton.

Stores opening in the fall are at 4432 George Washington Memorial Highway in York County and at 11117 Jefferson Ave. in Newport News, CVS/pharmacy spokesman Mike DeAngelis said.

The company also bought a second Mercury Boulevard site but doesn’t plan to open a store there in 2009, he said.

At a time when retailers across the country are closing stores, CVS is looking to expand into the Hampton Roads area, where it only operates three stores. Nationally, the company plans to open 250 to 300 stores, DeAngelis said.

“Our business is not recession-proof but to a degree we’re recession-resistant,” he said. “People are still getting sick. They’re still getting their prescription drugs. The other products we sell are essential items, they’re not big-ticket items. They’re toothpaste, shampoo.

“Nationally, the population overall is aging. Baby boomers are hitting retirement age. That is certainly fueling the demand for prescription services.”

The company already operates stores at 700 Merrimac Trail in York County; 1187 Jamestown Road in Williamsburg; and 1109 Benns Church Blvd. in Smithfield.

Two Virginia Beach stores are slated to open this year, DeAngelis said.

Walgreens, a competitor with nine stores on the Peninsula and 26 in South Hampton Roads, is opening two stores this year on the Peninsula.

A store at 2400 George Washington Memorial Highway in York County is expected to open this summer, and another at the corner of Warwick and Denbigh boulevards in Newport News is scheduled to open in the fall, spokesman Robert Elfinger said.

Together, the new CVS and Walgreens stores will create between 130 and 160 jobs.

The Walgreens stores will span more than 14,500 feet, employ 25 to 30 people and include a pharmacy, groceries and a one-hour photo lab, Elfinger said.

The CVS stores will span more than 13,000 square feet and employ 20 to 25 people.

The stores will have drive-through pharmacy services, one-hour digital photo processing, multiple kiosks for customers to print photos, and health and beauty items and greeting cards, DeAngelis said.

“It will have all the earmarks of a full-service retail pharmacy,” he said.

The company offers an ExtraCare customer-rewards program. Cardholders get 2 percent back with every purchase in the form of “Extra Bucks.” They also get one Extra Buck for every two prescriptions filled. The rewards are doled out quarterly. Throughout the year, cardholders can take advantage of special offers and savings, DeAngelis said.


I looked up on Google Maps where the Mercury Blvd location is, and its here, where this old car dealership is. I think when I was in high school this place sold fancy pants cars nobody in their right mind would buy from a dumpy auto dealership like Rolls Royces and BMW’s.


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