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September 28, 2008

{{Guest Entry}} Frederick Towne Mall, Frederick, Maryland

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My longtime friend; Gary has been telling me about his childhood mall that isn’t on yet, Frederick Towne Mall in Frederick Maryland. Here is his email:

I really can’t give you any specific history on the mall.

Here is what I remember:

Original anchors from when I was a kid:

JC Penney
Montgomery Wards

The MW wasn’t actually on mall property, from what I remember.  I don’t think that mall security could patrol that area.  but anyway, lol.

The JCP became a JCP homestore, and then a Boscov’s.
The MW closed and was eventually torn down and a Home Depot was built on the same spot.  But you can’t get to the HD from the mall.
The Eyerly’s became Bon-Ton, after Bon-Ton bought them out.

MW had an auto center which was eventually redeveloped and became Mr. Tire, Carrabba’s, a Mexican grocery store, and an eyewear store.

There is a small strip mall behind the mall that was originally home to a Martin’s, a dry cleaners, and a few other stores.  Now it’s Ollie’s and a church.

There was a three screen theater, which was expanded to ten screens.  About this time, they also juggled some of the stores around and moved the barber shop to the other end with some other service-type stores.

This mall never had a food court.  There was a Ground Round restaurant (which I can’t remember what it was before it became GR), and some other smaller fast food places scattered throughout the mall.  The Woolworth’s also had an eatery.

Near the CVS there used to be a freestanding bank drive through structure, and the tubes went into the bank in the mall.  Eventually it was torn down.

Here are the pics:

///edit, October 1st 2008///

February 13, 1982 newspaper … this link might work and it might not work.

September 27, 2008

Howard Johnsons, Abandoned 1998, Afton, VA

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A couple of weeks ago a friend and I drove out to Afton to visit the long abandoned mint condition Howard Johnsons in Afton.


Howard Johnsons, Abandoned 1998, Afton VA

The Pieman is still up there!

I can’t believe the weather vane has survived!





Abandoned Howard Johnsons, dead 1998, Afton, VA

Howard Johnsons; abandoned 1998; Afton, VA

This burned out abandoned motel was next to the Howard Johnsons:

Some abandoned motel, Afton, VA page on the Howard Johnsons back when it was open

September 20, 2008

Books a Million, Moved September 2008, Staunton, VA

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Ok, so you know last week I visited Staunton Mall for the first time? Well, the girl across the hall from me wanted to find a bookstore, and I told her there was a Books a Million in Staunton Mall, so I drove her there.

Books a Million, Moved September 2008, Staunton, Va
Books a Million, moved September, 2008, Staunton, VA

THE BOOKSTORE PACKED UP AND WENT AWAY. It was perfectly normal last Friday when we went in there. I thought it had closed down completely, but turns out it just moved to Waynesboro.

Ok, this place is officially a dead mall. I mean its mostly mom and pop places, two of the anchors are closed/in the process of closing, I’m sending my pictures to Brian over at tonight.

//edit, September 25 2008//

Article from the News Leader’s website:


September 13, 2008

Staunton Mall, Staunton, VA

So a friend and I visited the Staunton Mall, a few minutes from Mary Baldwin College. We walked in it expecting that it would be dead, but its actually somewhat full, mostly mom and pop stuff, but its full, so I can’t really call it a dead mall. More like a small mall.

Here are some pics I took with my iPhone:

Staunton Mall

This store was awesome. It was stuck in about 1982.

Steve & Barrys, Dying, Staunton Mall, Staunton, VA

Steve & Barrys is closing down shop. There was a lot of t-shirts left.

Steve & Barrys, Dying, Staunton Mall, Staunton VA
There were a LOT of vending machines here since there are only three tenants in the food court.

Bath & Body Works, Staunton Mall, Staunton, VA

Old style Bath & Body Works. I love this design.

///edit, September 21st, 2008///

The Books a Million moved away about a week after I posted this.

//edit, January 27, 2009//

1990 Mall Directory

//edit, March 21, 2009//

I have a Category for Staunton Mall now.

A video from let’s say five, six year ago when Staunton Mall went by the moniker of Colonial Mall

September 10, 2008

Staples & Taco Bell, Staunton, VA

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Staples, Staunton, VA

I think its vintagey Staples. And the Kroger sign is totally vintage.

There is also a very early 90’s Taco Bell in the parking lot:

Taco Bell, Staunton Va

{this is the best picture I could take from my car}

this place is pink, aqua and white in the inside. Like the early 90’s.

September 7, 2008

Former Wal Mart; Staunton ,VA

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Oh right, I moved to Staunton last week.

Former Wal Mart; Staunton ,VA

The abandoned Lowes next to it is also part of the warehouse. Nice use of a former Wal Mart.

The Comics Curmudgeon » Blog Archive » Chasin’ that hillbilly dollar

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Tarnation, look at the logo on that bag o’ grain on the porch in the final panel! It looks like Target, having saturated the suburbs with its big box stores, has decided to expand into America’s rural hollers and rustic shack-based communities.

The Comics Curmudgeon » Blog Archive » Chasin’ that hillbilly dollar.

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