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March 26, 2008

Farm Fresh Grand Opening in Franklin

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So, the Farm Fresh FINALLY opened today. Two years in the making.

Farm Fresh (October, 2007)

{photo I took in October of last year}

I was planning on being there right when they opened at 8 a.m., but I pulled up…NO parking spots. Line around the outside of the store. I honestly didn’t think people out here would take this opening that seriously. I was wrong!

So I came back at 9 a.m. — another bad time. People were just standing around waiting for the five $100 gift card drawings. I walked around, mainly around the beverage aisles, since I love the fact that Farm Fresh has a vast array of beverages. I took some iPhone photos:

Farm Fresh Grand Opening 1

Look at all that Honest tea!

The “Vitamin Water” cooler has … Life Water in it though. fail.

Farm Fresh Grand Opening 2

They had Nantucket Nectars half and half!!! I’ve never had that before! I’ve only heard about it in Babysitters Club books!

Look at all that Inkos tea too.

I’m surprised Enviga is still being made.

Farm Fresh Grand Opening 4

oooo Big Cranberry Nantucket Nectars and Jolt. Sorry that picture didn’t come out right. I took it in a hurry.

Farm Fresh Grand Opening 5

I was standing in LINE. HERE. I was in line for an hour. The line didn’t even more until the final 20 minutes I was in line. This was next to the makeup, and the lady in front of me started to play with this pump of glitter gel and she got it all over her hands. Farm Freshes aisle descriptions are always odd. Like the first three signs make sense, you know a general description of what is on the line, and then the last line is totally way too much detail — in this case, Vagasil.

You can see Starbucks in the distance. Ok, so after being in line for an hour, I went to Starbucks, where there was only one woman ahead of me. Boy, the baristas need more training. The “handlers” from other Farm Freshes had to help them with everything. You would’ve thought they would’ve handled this last week.

Which brings me to my second visit to Farm Fresh later on this day, at around 4 p.m. MUCH quieter than it was this morning. Like a normal day in a grocery store. I had more time to explore around the store. I found this!

Farm Fresh Grand Opening 6

This little guy used to be on the farm fresh logo back in the day when I was a little kid. I still remember vividly a jar of Peanut Butter we bought when I was like four, with a drawing of him on the label.

//edit, August 8, 2008//

Here is a blog entry about the making of one of these guys

So like I said, I went back to Starbucks after class and workstudy, because I wanted something to drink on my long drive home (50 minutes). They totally forgot about my order. One of the handlers had to make me my drink. I don’t think this Starbucks is going to be so great. We’ll see.

So like the article under the cut says, this store has NO plastic bags. I think this is a good idea because I used to be a bagger at The Fresh Market and I hated bagging in plastic, it was always so messy. I hate it when we go to Wal Mart and we have to put all our stuff in my Xterra, and its flopping around everywhere because its bagged in plastic. The store was giving away reusable grocery bags this morning, I got one. I don’t know how the general public is going to deal with no plastic bags. These paper bags are different than the usual ones Farm Fresh has, no handles, no logo.

Other than the iffy service at Starbucks, I can’t wait to shop in this store on a regular basis. It feels so nice to have a um, nice store in Franklin–and it was before I graduated. I always thought that Farm Fresh wasn’t going to open until after I graduated.

Tidewater News article:


March 22, 2008

Farm Fresh Grand Opening ad (Franklin)

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Farm Fresh Grand Opening

March 10, 2008

Bill’s Flea Market (former FX), Virginia Beach, VA

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Bill's Flea Market (Former FX)

I can’t believe I never brought this place up in here … and now its gone, well, in the process of being gone, its on fire (or at the very least suffering smoke damage) right now as I type this.

This was my original Flickr description of the photo when I took it this past Summer (a friend works nearby, and she took me to the building afterwards):

FX was a very very very very very (I mean VERY! like only a few months) futuristic looking electronics store owned by the big local furniture store, Haynes.

I have the opening week ads somewhere in my house from 1989. The only reason why we have them is because it was also the same week of the San Francisco earthquake. I need to try to scan those sometime.

This is now a flea market called Bill’s.

I think I was originally going to do a big article about FX, and dig up those old newspapers of my dad’s, but I never got to it, and now I don’t know WHERE those newspapers are since we moved back in December.

I don’t know where the other FX locations were at the moment. There was one in Hampton, at Todd’s center where Big Lots, Office Max (and I think) the Northern Tools (formerly Paul’s Arts & Crafts and before that Service Merchandise) building is at today. I swear I think I may of zipped through the opening day coverage in the Daily Press or VA Pilot microfilms I was looking at last year when I was doing Newmarket Fair Mall research.

I recorded the news tonight, but I recorded it on a DVD so I don’t know when I’ll be able to make screen caps since the DVD is not finished. It was something seeing smoke circle around that FX tower.

Yeah, I’ve also been thinking about Ames

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Ames Department Store Final Voicemail video {not mine, from bigmikey128}

I think the clips of the silly girl in Ames comes from the Ames Department Store Training video {from user biffbulkie}

//edit, March 13//

I watched this video today (and its a parody)

Ames Department stores closing commercial {not mine, from vibe88}

March 9, 2008

I’ve Been Thinking A Lot About Bradlees Lately…

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Bradlees Final Days Commercial (2001) {Not mine, from user moldymac}

NBA 1974 Boston Celtics Bradlees Commercials {not mine, from user TRJ22487}

Bradlees After-Thanksgiving Commercial (1995) {not mine, from user MBZ321}

The Caldor Rainbow: Bradlees Store Locator PLUS 

Flickr tags for Bradlees 

{the previous times we’ve mentioned Bradlees}

March 3, 2008

A&N Going out of Business Article (From January)

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I found this in my photobucket a few moments ago. I forgot to post these back in January when I originally Posted about A&N going out of business:



I have a couple of photos I’ve taken with my iPhone of the Williamsburg location (now closed and labelscarred):

This was back in January:

A&N (Dying, January 2008, Williamsburg location)

This was just taken 30 minutes ago:

A&N (dead February 2008) Williamsburg location

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