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February 20, 2008

Some 1995 Local Commercials

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Not much has been going on retail wise, so here are some commercials from local channels in the Hampton Roads area from 1995. I found a TON of these tapes at the old Salvation Army on Mercury Blvd in 2004. I only bought four, I wish I had bought the whole box now :(. Honestly, the only local stuff on here are the car dealership commercials, events at the Hampton Coliseum, theme parks, and news promos.

1995 Commercials { mirror}

This is from channel 27 in the Hampton Roads, VA area.

-The ending of a Platypus Man promo
-A man buys a purple ford ranger. For some reason, I can’t imagine in 2008 having an ad where a guy buys a purple truck.
-AT&T with Jane Leeves (there was like this trend in 1995 with NBC celbs in AT&T ads or something, I also have one with David Schwimmer in it)
-Grape Nuts
-Platypus man on “NPU!” — when I found out that Richard Jeni died–THIS was the first thing I thought of.

-Marker promo
-Kings Dominion theme park
-Bob Crumpler Nissan
-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Show at the Hampton Coliseum

1995 Commercials Part II { mirror

-NFL on TNT (that only lasted a couple of football seasons, right?)
-Father Goose promo
-RK Chevy Geo Subraru (local Hampton Roads spot)
-Susan Powder show promo
-TNT Monster Vision
-The River Wild
-Caress Body Wash
-Simmons Beautyrest
-CNN Presents
-National Geographic Explorer promo
-The story of the NFL promo
-Lifetime Designing Women Contest
-WTKR promo (aka, the worst news station in Hampton Roads)


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February 17, 2008

My Newmarket Fair Mall Sociology Essay (April, 2007)

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The document in Microsoft Word 2004 for OS X

My superior; Brian Florence over at surprised me this morning by pasting my essay I wrote for my Sociology 202 class last year on Newmarket Fair.

The essay is here.

Also, he finally posted something I’ve been working on and off with for a while. A blog that mentions tiny updates on each mall at Sometimes we get a little update on a mall that is on the site. An update that is important, but um…not important enough to open the page, edit the HTML, and FTP it to the server? The blog is at

Blog at