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February 20, 2008

Some 1995 Local Commercials

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Not much has been going on retail wise, so here are some commercials from local channels in the Hampton Roads area from 1995. I found a TON of these tapes at the old Salvation Army on Mercury Blvd in 2004. I only bought four, I wish I had bought the whole box now :(. Honestly, the only local stuff on here are the car dealership commercials, events at the Hampton Coliseum, theme parks, and news promos.

1995 Commercials { mirror}

This is from channel 27 in the Hampton Roads, VA area.

-The ending of a Platypus Man promo
-A man buys a purple ford ranger. For some reason, I can’t imagine in 2008 having an ad where a guy buys a purple truck.
-AT&T with Jane Leeves (there was like this trend in 1995 with NBC celbs in AT&T ads or something, I also have one with David Schwimmer in it)
-Grape Nuts
-Platypus man on “NPU!” — when I found out that Richard Jeni died–THIS was the first thing I thought of.

-Marker promo
-Kings Dominion theme park
-Bob Crumpler Nissan
-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Show at the Hampton Coliseum

1995 Commercials Part II { mirror

-NFL on TNT (that only lasted a couple of football seasons, right?)
-Father Goose promo
-RK Chevy Geo Subraru (local Hampton Roads spot)
-Susan Powder show promo
-TNT Monster Vision
-The River Wild
-Caress Body Wash
-Simmons Beautyrest
-CNN Presents
-National Geographic Explorer promo
-The story of the NFL promo
-Lifetime Designing Women Contest
-WTKR promo (aka, the worst news station in Hampton Roads)


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