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January 18, 2008

Armory Drive Cinemas (Closed, January 2008)

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Armory Drive Cinemas

{Photo I took in May of 2007. When I added this photo to Flickr back then, I put a note on the “Delta Farce” marquee, and in the note I said, “We can imagine what movie most of Franklin will be seeing.”}

I read in the paper a couple of days ago that this place closed unexpectedly. I’m not surprised. I went there to see The Simpsons Movie in July, and the place was falling apart, and the movie was out of focus for 20 minutes.

Franklin’s only movie cinema closes

By Paul McFarlane/Editor/
Tuesday, January 15, 2008 10:46 AM EST

FRANKLIN-Armory Drive Cinemas, the last existing movie house in the Franklin/Southampton area, has closed its doors.

The final weekend of showings was Jan. 12-13. The last movies playing were “I am Legend,” “National Treasure” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks.”

A greeting left on the business’ answering machine states: “We would to thank you for supporting our Armory Drive Cinemas during the last few years. We are now closed. Thank you for your efforts and time that you spent. And I hope you enjoyed your movies.”

See Wednesday’s print edition of The Tidewater News for more details.

January 14, 2008

Bath & Body Works, Williamsburg VA

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Bath & Body Works, Williamsburg VA


This is the one at Newtown Open Air Shopping area…which I apparently haven’t brought up yet here. I thought I did. I have photos I took back in November:

New Town Center, WIlliamsburg, VA


New Town Center, Williamsburg, VA


“Closing of A&N apparel chain likened to ‘a death in the family'”

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(Daily Press photo by Joe Fudge)

Closing of A&N apparel chain likened to ‘a death in the family’

Daily Press article that ran Saturday. I have the article scanned, I just couldn’t upload it to photobucket the other day, so expect an edit on this entry in the next couple of days.

But enjoy the video on the link while it is still up. The dude showing off the sweatpants he bought (around the 53 second mark) is wearing a Sanford & Son T-shirt which makes him my best friend forever. This video was filmed at the Newmarket South Shopping Center location, which is down the street from Daily Press’ headquarters. We visited this store way too much growing up. My best memory of the store was when I was 12 (1996), mom and I were looking at shoes in there (I had a massive shoe collection back then), and I saw these ancient platform Converse Sneakers. I think they were red velvet. These had to be three, four years old — and they were still on the shelf. They were barely marked down, I wouldn’t even call it clearance. We asked if there was a pair in my size (10), but there wasn’t.

So, yeah there’s my A&N story.

//edit #1//

Virginia Pilot article.

January 3, 2008

Some Bags

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I found some old bags in with our Christmas decorations last month:

Hills Holiday Bag, mid 90's

From the 2.5 seconds (ok, more like a year and a half) we had a Hills in Hampton. Bag is either from 1995 or 1996.

Stuart's Bag (mid 90's).

Stuarts died in the late 90’s I think. My mom and I spent way.way.way. too much money at Stuart’s Plus in the 90’s on clothes for me. We went to both the Newmarket Fair and Coliseum Mall locations until they closed in about 1997.

I guess Marianne and Jean Nicole were what Stuarts was in other states?

Blue W_a_l-M_a_r_t Roll Back Bag

I remember these from the 90’s. It seemed like every store had blue bags back then, something to do with recycling.

I found one of these in a rickety barn in our yard the other day, next to a Pepsi can from the 90’s.

Some newer bags:

iPhone Bag

AT&T iPhone bag. November, 2007.

Bath & Body Works Christmas Bag</center.

Bath & Body Works Christmas 2007 bag. I found a Bath & Body Works bag from 2000 in a box of things the other day.


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