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October 25, 2007

“Wrecking Corp Wins Contract for Demolition of Coliseum Mall in Hampton Roads, Virginia”

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{article from March}

Wrecking Corporation of America begins demolition of 750,000 thousand square-foot mall, including recycling of steel framing and on-site crushing of concrete and masonry materials.

Two photos are in the article, one of the Barnes & Noble and Steve & Barrys and an aerial shot:



October 21, 2007

All That is Left of Coliseum Mall (September, 2007)

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All that is Left of Coliseum MallI took this picture in the new JC Penney parking lot.

Former JC Penney (Hampton, VA).Everything was sold and moved out in early August, and the new JC Penney down from it was opened in late August. This one will be torn down. After this is torn down, the only building standing from the old Coliseum Mall days will be the Macys.

Former JC Penney (Hampton, VA).

KFC/Taco Bell (Franklin, VA. Closed October 2007)

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KFC Demolition Coverage

When we first moved to Franklin in August of 2005, we ate at this KFC/Taco Bell a couple of times (mom was craving tacos for a week, so that’s why I say “a couple of times”) and this joint was so.nasty. A new KFC/Taco Bell will be put up in its place.

KFC/Taco Bell. Dead October 2007. Franklin, VA

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