That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

June 2, 2007

“They Aren’t Walking Out With Much”

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This afternoon, my dad took me out so I could play with my camera I got off of eBay. Ok, I have to get this out in the open before I stew all over it….I screwed up the film. I took too many pictures or something, and the film like…pulled out of the canister. When I opened up the camera, I exposed the film, it was all wound to the film winder? instead of the canister where its supposed to be when you’re done with a roll of film. My dad put got in a closet this this red light he had sitting around the house to try to fix the roll, but we know its ruined.

Ok, with that fuming over, we can continue on with our entry.

So, I finally got to see the shambles of Coliseum Mall (more photos from someone else). There’s seriously nothing left except for Burlington (which is moving into a new building located where their old building was down the street), Macys, and Penneys which is having a getting rid of everything sale because of the new store being built. The signs scattered all around the mall area indicated that J.C. Penney is located at …. Coliseum Square shopping center. J.C. Penney had the ominous yellow and black sign on the building that indicates that a store is either closing, or having a huge clearing out sale:

JC Penney from the interstateMore pictures:

JC Penney (soon to be moved to a new building)

Macys (at the former Coliseum Mall)


JC Penneys and Macys are my favorite buildings in Hampton.

What's Left Of Coliseum Mall

Macys from the interstate

Macys at the former Coliseum Mall

Future JC Penneys (former Coliseum Mall)

This is the new soon to be JC Penneys store.

Coliseum Mall Flyover (now closed)

The Coliseum Flyover is closed.

I’m like mad and happy at the same time, happy that I got to spend some time with dad, but mad that the camera didn’t work out.


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