That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

June 26, 2007

Lord & Taylor (Closed 2005) Lynnhaven Mall, Virginia Beach, VA

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Lord & Taylor, Lynnhaven Mall Virginia Beach, Virginia

I meant to take this last year when I made a trip to Lynnhaven with my friend, but didn’t get a chance. What a sad looking store. I think this Lord & Taylor closed in 2005. *checks Wikipedia*

Virginia – Virginia Beach – Lynnhaven Mall – 120,000 sq ft. (opened 1999, closed 2005)

This is the only vacant anchor of Lynnhaven Mall, the rest of the mall is doing great. One of the entrances is very 80’s though:

Lynnhaven Mall

HQ (closed 1999, Virginia Beach, VA)

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Abandoned HQ

This past weekend, I went to Virginia Beach to see a friend, and on the way there, my father and I got lost, and we passed by this building. I wished I could have taken a photo.

Well, well well. My friend works very close to this building and she pulled in so I could take a photo. This looks like this could’ve been a J.M. Fields or a Bradlees at one point or another.

Here is the Wikipedia page on HQ.

June 17, 2007

Holophane Case Histories Page

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This photo is super sad.



I remember running across this page in 2005, but not thinking much of it, but now since the mall is gone we can appreciate it more. And this proves my memory that those ugly blue things were not added around the entrances until the late 90’s or early 2000’s.


I tried contacting the Halophane company to see if they had anymore photos, but I’m sure its a futile attempt.

June 4, 2007

Coliseum Mall Flyover Demolition Coverage

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(yeah, I didn’t find out about this until Saturday evening, sorry 😦 )

{Daily Press}

Watch the Coliseum flyover come down

(757) 928-6479
May 31, 2007, 11:38 AM EDT
HAMPTON — The City of Hampton is inviting residents to come and watch Monday as the Coliseum Mall’s trademark flyover is brought down.

The elevated ramp — which provided a quick hop from Mercury Boulevard into the parking lot of the now-demolished mall — will be taken down starting at 10 a.m. Monday. The city is offering residents a chance to “take one last walk” across the flyover.

Will Bassett, marketing manager for Hampton’s department of economic development, said the flyover will not be imploded or crushed. Rather, he said, it will be taken down piece by piece over the course of about 60 days. Monday’s “groundshaking ceremony” will mark the beginning of that process, starting with a section of guardrail that will be pushed off the flyover.

People wanting to attend the ceremony can park between Outback Steakhouse and Bennigan’s.



Final walk on flyover at Coliseum Mall

12:02 PM EDT on Monday, June 4, 2007

By 13News There was one last walkover on the flyover on Mercury Blvd. to Coliseum Mall Monday morning.



City of Hampton

{City of Hampton}

At the 10 a.m. “groundshaking ceremony,” the first section of guardrail was cut and toss to the ground below.

The flyover, completed in 1973, will be taken down piece by piece over the next two months.

The demolition is part of the conversion of Coliseum Mall into Peninsula Town Center, a 75-acre mixed-use development with shopping, dining and entertainment venues.

“The demolition of the flyover is a major representation of the transformation happening in the Coliseum Central district,” said Mayor Ross A. Kearney.

Officials say the flyover’s removal will increase visibility and access to the Peninsula Town Center and other surrounding sites while providing improved pedestrian connections at the intersection.

{Daily Press}

Flyover demolition begins

After 34 years, the Coliseum Flyover in Hampton is coming down

HAMPTON — How many politicians does it take to push over a guardrail?


Hampton Mayor Ross Kearney led the group as they pushed over a section of the guard rail on the Coliseum Flyover in Hampton Monday morning. It marked the beginning of the end of the well-known ramp that has funneled cars off Mercury Boulevard and into the Coliseum Mall since 1973.

The demolition is part of the redevelopment of the Coliseum Mall into the new Peninsula Town Center, scheduled to open in 2009.

It’s expected to take about two months for the flyover to be completely removed. Kearney said a nine-lane roadway will open in its place in June of next year.

About 35-40 people attended the ceremony.

Photos from‘s photograhper Joe Fudge:


June 2, 2007

Macys (Patrick Henry Mall, Newport News, VA)

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Macys Patrick Henry Mall Newport News, VA



On The Renaming Block


August, 2005 when it was a Hecht’s.


Hechts In Macys Transition


August, 2006 during the transition.

“They Aren’t Walking Out With Much”

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This afternoon, my dad took me out so I could play with my camera I got off of eBay. Ok, I have to get this out in the open before I stew all over it….I screwed up the film. I took too many pictures or something, and the film like…pulled out of the canister. When I opened up the camera, I exposed the film, it was all wound to the film winder? instead of the canister where its supposed to be when you’re done with a roll of film. My dad put got in a closet this this red light he had sitting around the house to try to fix the roll, but we know its ruined.

Ok, with that fuming over, we can continue on with our entry.

So, I finally got to see the shambles of Coliseum Mall . There’s seriously nothing left except for Burlington (which is moving into a new building located where their old building was down the street), Macys, and Penneys which is having a getting rid of everything sale because of the new store being built. The signs scattered all around the mall area indicated that J.C. Penney is located at …. Coliseum Square shopping center. J.C. Penney had the ominous yellow and black sign on the building that indicates that a store is either closing, or having a huge clearing out sale:

JC Penney from the interstate


More pictures:


JC Penney (soon to be moved to a new building)

Macys (at the former Coliseum Mall)

JC Penneys and Macys are my favorite buildings in Hampton.


What's Left Of Coliseum Mall


Macys from the interstate


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