That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

May 2, 2007

MacArthur Center Opening Day Newspaper Clippings (1999)

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I’ve been meaning to post these for a good long time. I have a beat up newspaper from March 11, 1999 when MacArthur Center opened up. Here are some highlights from it:

{these are in crappy condition, I know}


This Sephora was only open like a year. Hence why this entry is under the “dead stores” tag as well.

I took these from the elevator back in June of 2005:

Mall Ants @ MacArthur Center

Name One Thing You Won't Get On - An Esclator

No Kids Today


  1. *Sob!* I miss Sephora!!! I haven’t been in one since 2005 in Pleasanton, CA. Rumors have been circulating that it might come back. And Ulta in Newport News doesn’t compare (oh, it’s fun in its own right but still).

    Thank goodness Jeepers is gone. That place smelled like feet. I’m happy Apple and H&M are here. I just wish there was a Gap or Banana Republic. Why does Lynnhaven get all the good stuff?

    Comment by KP — May 3, 2007 @ 6:55 am | Reply

  2. MacArthur is awesome, I love the parking garage, and I do agree with KP their choice in stores is kind of questionable, but I think it is a compromise as there isn’t that much space in MacArthur. They should have built a bit higher, given the small footprint of the mall I am surprised there are only like 3 or 4 floors in there. Nonetheless there are plenty of stores people want in Hampton Roads that you take for granted in Northern Virginia, like IKEA. I think developers are sitting back and waiting to see what works, and what doesn’t; the new addition to Greenbrier Mall, with the Jason’s Deli and the JOS A Bank is a step in the right direction.

    Virginia Beach should have taken a chance on creating another mall at Towne Center, because Lynnhaven is just too far away for me to drive from Chesapeake to make worth my time. They do seem to be getting a lot of business with the retail they do have in there though.

    Comment by Chris — November 11, 2007 @ 12:34 pm | Reply

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