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May 20, 2007

Patrick Henry Mall Tenant List, 2001

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Patrick Henry Mall Directory 2001

It’s nice that malls have websites now, we can go on and look at their websites. For example, here is Patrick Henry Mall (Newport News, VA)’s tenant list in 2001 (around the time my family and I started to frequent the mall more):

Most of these stores are still at the mall though:


May 12, 2007

So Jealous

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This Kid got the Lakehurst Mall Seagull. FOR FREE.

If anyone here acquired some Coliseum Mall stuff during the auction please let me know. Or if anyone here can hook me up with something from Coliseum.

May 7, 2007

Airway Center Photos I Forgot to Upload Back in March

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Ok, pretend that it is March again (lifted from my blog):

Today after my workstudy (about fifteen minutes in she said she had to go to the bank…I waited like an HOUR for her and left) I went downtown to the post office, went by this old timey pharmacy to see if they had any old Polaroid film, went by the seven eleven and got a very green drink, and then I went by the Airway Center. Airway Center is this totally deserted (well, a car dealership is there, and a church is in an out parcel) shopping center that you pass by when you first enter Franklin. I always wanted to pull into this place and take better photos than the ones I took while going down the road in 2005. I still didn’t have the cajones to actually drive up to any of the old stores. I took two polaroid photos as well.

Closed Winn Dixie Airway Center Franklin VA | Abandoned McDonalds Airway Center  Franklin VA | Ames closed 1990 Airway Center Franklin VA | You Know Just Here Developing | Ames closed 1990 Airway Center Franklin VA | Former McDonalds Airway Center Franklin VA

Car in an Abandoned McDonalds

There is an old car IN the abandoned McDonalds. You can’t see it too well in the photo though.

Closed Store in the Rear of Downtown Franklin

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Closed Store in the Rear of Downtown Franklin

Closed Store in the Rear of Downtown Franklin

I have no clue what this store used to be. Help?


I tweaked some things around on here over the weekend. I made a new tag “dead chains“. Entries in the dead chains tag are for example Miller & Rhoads stuff, Hechts, Smith & Welton, Montgomery Wards, Leggett, etc. The dead stores tag is now for abandoned stores such as the one profiled in this entry.

I also changed the blog roll around some. It used to just be called “blog roll” but now its “My Websites” and, “Retail/Mall fan websites.”

May 6, 2007

Tower Mall Directory, 1988

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{The original Tower Mall entry}

Mike Hepp over at the Penn Can Mall fansite sent me this listing this evening:

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May 2, 2007

Boris’ Coliseum Mall Demolition Photos (March, 2007)

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Mall’s all gone now:


MacArthur Center Opening Day Newspaper Clippings (1999)

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I’ve been meaning to post these for a good long time. I have a beat up newspaper from March 11, 1999 when MacArthur Center opened up. Here are some highlights from it:

{these are in crappy condition, I know}


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