That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

April 16, 2007

1982 Venture Save With Style Commercial

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This old Venture commercial was profiled in the Yahoo! Remembering Retail group.

What tickles me is:

  • The dad and the son looking at the Kodak Disc Film and Cameras. Disc died in the very very very very very late 1980’s. My mom has a bag of disc film that was never developed.
  • How bright yet dark the store looks. Sure the walls are yellow and brown and the carpet is orange, but it looks like the store is just lit by flashlights in the clothing department
  • —-

    Venture died in 1998. {Wikipedia page}


    1. sorta reminds me of Nu-Stars and Caldor (mostly of Caldor) they had that type of 70s decor in their stores.

      Damn, that musics so freaking good and CATCHY makes me want to go shopping in an outdated store!!!!! (anyone notice how similiar this theme sounds to “Caaaallldddooor you’re everyday discount stoooorre!!! everday high value,everday low prices
      !” THIS MUST’VE been when Venture was Caldor’s sister company, this isn’t a coincidence!

      so 80s! shame that I only got to live in the last decade of the 80s. (I was born in 1987)

      I remember back when stores just had simple eye-catching decor with great prices,and thats all it took, nothing about being upscale like today! (theres got to be at least one outdated store out there Watertown Kmart isn’t enough! I need to find an even more tackier decored store I JUST GOT TO!!!! LOL)

      That was way back when shopping was considered fun and enjoyable! now? it’s “stylish” and “chic” GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!!!!

      Comment by Mark — April 20, 2007 @ 3:15 pm | Reply

    2. >>I remember back when stores just had simple eye-catching decor with great prices,and thats all it took, nothing about being upscale like today!

      Comment by Anita — April 20, 2007 @ 5:17 pm | Reply

    3. I remember Venture very well. There were 2 stores local to me (Griffith & Merrillville Indiana), and both stores did well, until Venture was spun off as a subsidiary of May Department Store Company, and not run directly by May as before. Changes in the stores were not good. Merchandise wasn’t always in stock that they advertised, and the raincheck would usually expire before the merchandise did get into stock. Taking the ads out of the Sunday paper, and mailing them out was the biggest mistake they made, on top of changing the date from Sunday-Saturday to Saturday – Friday. The only thing good was the stores didn’t look dated, and were clean. They filed bankruptcy in 1995, and liquidated 3 years later. I don’t believe they got of bankrptcy before they announced they were liquidating in May 1998. Both stores later were acquired by Kmart, but the Merrillville store that was formerly Venture closed in 2002 as part of Kmart’s bankruptcy. That store was always busy under Venture, but not Kmart. The Griffith store is still open for now, and picked up some of the shoppers from the old Hammond store that Kmart had when Kmart closed their Hammond store a year later.

      Had Venture actually focussed on having their merchandise in stock, had the ads in the Sunday paper, and better customer service; they might still be in business. At least my local stores were modern looking at the time, clean, and not cluttered. I can’t speak for other Venture locations.

      Comment by David — September 20, 2009 @ 1:28 am | Reply

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