That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

March 31, 2007

More Newmarket North Mall Microfilm Printouts

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{The last time I posted Microfilm printouts was … hey one year ago today}

So, last weekend I was able to go out to the main branch of the Newport News library and get more microfilm printouts of Daily Press microfilms of Newmarket Fair (then Newmarket North)’s opening day in March of 1975. I also got printouts of their 2nd grand opening on July 30, 1975 when Legget and some other smaller stores opened.

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So, let’s follow the seagull again (CAW! CAW!!) and look at more newspaper clippings.

A better scan of that Sears opening day ad … nice exterior shot of Sears here. This Sears and the Picadilly Cafeteria are the only store stores remaining at the mall since everything else is offices.

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This was the best scan I could get of what the Miller & Rhoads looked like. This was from a newspaper ad from July 30, 1975. When you drive all the way back to the building you can still see the labelscar. This building is now home to Verizon.

“Newmarket North Draws Thousands”> — article from the March 27, 1975 Daily Press.

You guys, Hickory Farms is fond of cheese! {article and photo of Hickory Farms. This place remained the same until it closed down in I’m guessing 1994} .
“Woman Finds Advertising Difficult — I swear that is one of the headlines. Daily Press was “teh sexist” back then! Also includes a photo of Toy City and The Nautilus arcade. I remember in the early 90’s, mom took me to an arcade that had opened at Newmarket Fair (I guess it opened a year or two after the whole Newmarket North to Newmarket Fair phase) and it was near the food court and it was called Tilt.

“Project Manager Resolves Problems”. Also includes a photo of Westfields Jewelers.

Legget’s Largest Store Opens at Newmarket North (article).

Photo of the interior of Legget. I only was able to go here once when I was real little, probably six. I think it was when Newmarket North was being remodeled into Newmarket Fair. Mom wanted some Estee Lauder makeup for this vacation we were going on. I just remember how fast and scary looking the place was to a six year old since everything was so open.

Rest of the Legget opening article. Dark photos, sorry


  1. Thanks for the cool articles & images.

    While I rarely stepped into the Leggett store, it was interesting to see that big central space again and to read that write-up.

    Maybe I don’t read the papers anymore but that Leggett article seemed fairly detailed and (as recent history, I guess) interesting for coverage of a store opening. Whether it was general economic boosterism, ad space quid pro quo or a writer making the best out of soft news, behind a store I had scarcely walked into (except to find my mom) was a story of these people preparing & pulling it all together. I don’t exactly recall the boys’ section (pop culture reference here: Bart Simpson being dragged to Wee Monsieur) decorated with the timbers from an old Gloucester barn. I do recall leisure suits, but it’s a repressed memory not specific to Leggett circa ’75.

    Other signs of the times are the mentions of the ongoing recession and keeping the Leggett stores open in downtown Hampton & Newport News. The latter seems particularly long ago & far away now that so much area retail has moved west and Leggett is now office space.

    Curious, I googled the writer of the article, R. D. Heldenfels. I’m think I found him here:

    If so, here’s a recent example of his handiwork, a review of the movie Blades of Glory:

    Yes, he has a blog:

    And like most journalists these days, he has an email address where one might reach him and perhaps pick his brain on the days of wine & Leggett:

    I would guess the Daily Press may’ve been his out-of-college gig or pretty early on in his career.

    Thanks yet again.

    Comment by Kevin Seward — March 31, 2007 @ 4:22 pm | Reply

  2. I assume that all of these articles were in a separate section of the Daily Press? I don’t know if the section contained a disclaimer, but the Richmond Times-Dispatch still puts out sections like this but with the disclaimer that the content was prepared by the advertising department. SUch disclaimers weren’t necessarily used in 1975, however.

    So the answer to Kevin’s speculation is probably that the Daily Press cobbled together a couple of soft news articles (“Project Manager Solves Problems”) along with what are basically press releases rewritten to appear more like news stories (Hickory Farms article), with the whole package being underwritten by the mall and its merchants as advertising.

    Comment by Dave McGrann — April 2, 2007 @ 10:39 am | Reply

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