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February 25, 2007

Newmarket North Mall Original Tenant List (1975)

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Newmarket North/Newmarket Fair Mall floorplans

I recently brought back out the few Newmarket North/Newmarket Fair microfilm scans I could get back in January of 2006 for a paper I’m working on. I forgot I had a somewhat complete list (albeit in pieces so I can’t just you know scan it) of the original tenants on opening day (March 26, 1975). Here is the best copy I have of the directory.

(the number corresponding with the store is what space they were in in the mall)

Women’s Wear

Casual Corner -75

Foxmoor Casuals – 18

Frederick’s of Hollywood -89

Hanna’s – 96 (I believe that Hanna’s moved from Newmarket South Shopping Center along with Miller & Rhoads)

Joseph R. Harris -62

Kanter’s – 31

Lerner Shops – 44

Susie’s Casuals -5


Butler Shoes – 8

Hofheimers – 94

Kinney Shoes – 6

Thom McAn -19 (this place was here until about 1995)

Men’s Wear

Country Legend – 92

Stiches – 47 (I had an unused notebook that was a Stiches giveaway from the 80’s that I found at the old Salvation Army on Mercury Blvd a few years ago, but its in storage now)


Barclay & Sons – 66 (this was still open in the mid 90’s)

D. P. Paul – 95

Gordon’s – 36

Treasure Chest – 11

Weisfield’s – 42


O’Neill’s Card Shop – 29


Baskin Robbin’s 31 Flavors Ice Cream – 34 (Lasted until about 1995)

Chick-fil-a – 33 (I think this place lasted until the late 1990’s)

Fanny Farmer – 51

General Nutrition Center – 102 (I remember going in here with my mom in 1994)

Hickory Farms-46 (closed in about 1994-ish)

Orange Julius – 73

Morrison’s Cafeteria – 54 (this place is still open but changed hands to Piccaddily in the late 1990’s)

Morrow’s Nut House – 37

Sal’s Italian Restaurant – 81 (I think my folks and I ate here when I was about 5 years old in 1989 if in fact this place was still open in 1989)

Household & Dry Goods

Singer – 45

So-Fro Fabrics – 99

Seasonal & Miscellaneous

B. Dalton Bookseller – 64

Lowrey Organ Center – 28

Nautilus – 23

Parklane Hosiery – 10 (we used to buy my pantyhose for my dance outfits here when I was 5, 6 years old in 1989, 1990)

Pearle Optical – 13

Things Remembered – 69

Tinder Box – 71

Toy City – 65

WaldenBooks – 16 (left in about 1995, 1996 sometime around then)

Wide World of Music – 17


Newmarket North 4 Theaters – 39 (this place had to leave after 1992, ’cause in late 1992 I saw Home Alone 2 Lost In New York at this theatere)

And of course the original and only anchors the mall ever had Sears, Leggett, and Miller & Rhoads, which in 2007 are Sears, Northrop Grumman, and Verizon, and of course the mall is now Netcenter. A lot of the stores are now Amsec (my dad works for Amsec, but I don’t think he ever has to go to the Netcenter location) I keep on forgetting to mention that if you drive by the old M&R building you can still see Miller & Rhoads’s labelscar, I’ve just never been able to get a photo because Verizon employees are always standing outside.

Miller & Rhoads Fur Storage and Cleaning Offer (mid 1980’s)

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Miller & Rhoad’s Hey Day Ad 1, originally uploaded by Look In The Tunk.

I haven’t been able to see this ad in a few years, but I think the ad said that M&R had its own walk in fur storage fridge.

Going out of business fur sale ad a few years later


Ah, here is a close up on the ad:

Fur Experts Hired Off The Street

Yeah, that’s still hard to read….

February 18, 2007

Steve & Barrys Coliseum Mall Entrance (2005)

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It Tries, originally uploaded by Look In The Tunk.

I forgot I took this picture on my 22nd birthday back in 2005 when a friend and I went to Coliseum because we needed a Lane Bryant fix.

I never was fortunate (or unfortunate?) to go into Steve & Barrys. This place closed back in December and the rest of the mall (with the exception of the anchors) closed up shop in January.

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