That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

January 15, 2007

Coliseum Mall’s Last Day Of Business

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Coliseum Mall
{of course, click for larger}

I actually got to go down there today. My dad gave me a ride.

Coliseum Mall Directory
{I know, that’s the worst picture ever}

This was one of the only mall entrances open.

I only did a walk around and a trip to Barnes and Noble. Everybody was having a moving sale except for the chain stores who I assume are just shutting down and moving.

Bath and Body Works (closed 1-13-07)
{of course, click for larger}

That’s what Bath and Body Works had in mind.

Food Court (Coliseum Mall)
{of course, click for larger}

Food Court Sephia Style
{of course, click for larger}

The food court was dead.

The closed Chick-a-Fila (I wish I took a pic of it now but I was scared of security) still had red Christmas garland on it, and the door to the kitchen had been taken off its hinges and it was out at the counters, and there was a sign on it about how employees would be charged with shoplifting if they were caught taking food before closing.

My Last Coliseum Mall Purchase

I went to Barnes & Noble and got a green tea frappichino (the only one I like, if I want coffee I’ll get a hot cup of coffee, not some frou foru drink), a fabric stretchy book cover for my Literature book, and an old style Moleskine address book.

I took a picture of the doors before dad and I left:

Coliseum Mall
{of course, click for larger}

A better photo.

JC Penney (Coliseum Mall)
{of course, click for larger}

The anchors are still staying in their spots until their new buildings are built.

Macys (Coliseum Mall)

I dunno about crapppy Burlington though, its rumored that they’re moving piratically back to their old location.

Burlington Coat Factory (former Korvette's and Wards)

This was the last photo I took:

The Last Coliseum Mall Marquee Sign


Channel 13had a camera woman out when I was there, and I recorded the news tonight. It’s gonna be a while before I can upload the video though ’cause I gotta put it on a DVD and I gotta fill up the rest of the DVD and blah blah blah. So that’ll take a few days.

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  1. Thanks again for your blog and your coverage of the Coliseum Mall.

    Used to go there with my mom and such when I lived in the area. She is older (mid 80s) and not seeing or getting around as well as she used to. The mall is a soon to be gone scene of her younger days.

    Your documentation allows anyone who was around during the mall’s history to remember.

    Plus the links I found in your posts of the Daily Press article led me to the DP’s gallery of old (as well as current) pics of the mall.


    Comment by K. R. Seward — January 15, 2007 @ 3:47 am | Reply

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