That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

January 7, 2007

John’s Coliseum Mall Updates (January, 2007)

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So the funeral for Coliseum Mall starts:

Demolition begins in February on the rest of the mall. What people are calling demolition is actually deconsturction of the parking surface on the old Smith & Welton side (Children’s Palace/Proffitt’s/Dillard’s for Men) where they are preparing to start construction of the new parking garage and the new JC Penny building.

Last saturday I walked through for probably the last time. Steve & Barry’s is closed (“Please visit our Lynnhaven location” the sign reads); Kay’s is moving on the 10th to a storefront beside Ross’. The tailor is moving in February. Carlton Cards is gone. Claire’s is gone. Many places had their closing dates posted as Jan 4, Jan 9, Jan 10, and Jan 14. One place (I can’t remember which — I know it wasn’t Frederick’s, which is going out in mid-January) has a sign up announcing “Mall Closing Sale.”

The Nail shop beside where Carlton Cards was (in the Hecht’s wing, almost directly across from the now torn-down DIllard’s for Men) has a sign stating they are open and will not be moving until Mid-Feburary.

Personally, I can’t see people visiting an empty shell of a mall to get their nails done, but then again, who am I?

Gent’s was still open, but Rainbow is having the “everything must be sold to the bare walls!” Zale’s didn’t have a closing date posted, or a location where they would be moving to. No word on where Barnes & Noble Booksellers would be located (or if they were simply going to close up shop and build a new building — the Daily Press confirmed they would be back, but could not give specifics as to where the new store in the “Peninsula Town Center” would be).

There had been a number of rumours that Burlington was staying (which would be a major mistake, in any Dead Mall fan’s book), that Burlington was moving into the old Hill’s/JM Field’s/Lionel Play World/Mr. How’s/Builder’s Square location at Riverdale (also not confirmed), and the rumour that Burlington was going to move back to the original location at what is now Power Plant. That’s the least likely, as there are two hotels going to be going in behind Cracker Barrell and Texas Steakhouse.

I’m happy I didn’t get the chance to go to Coliseum mall recently. It would be too sad. I still have the creepies from watching Newmarket Fair empty out through the years.



  1. Burlington Coat factory is moving back to its old site at Mercury Plaza. The store slab is under construction now. The two hotels you mentioned are also under construction further down Poer Plan Parkway across from the new BJs Wholesale Club at Power Plant.

    Thanks for the great post and pics.

    Comment by Anonymous — January 14, 2007 @ 6:05 am | Reply

  2. Good, that’s where Burlington needs to be at. If they made this big nice, shopping destination in the place of Coliseum Mall and put trashy, junky Burlington in it would ruin everything.

    I always tell people I think Burlington opening in the old Wards spot killed Coliseum Mall, even more than Dillards closing.

    Comment by Anita — January 14, 2007 @ 2:38 pm | Reply

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