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September 24, 2006

Coliseum Mall Website ScreenShots

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Just for prosperity’s sake, I made screen shots of the Coliseum Mall website:


September 1, 2006

Boris Z’s Coliseum Mall Photos

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{The original Coliseum Mall entry}

Starting last week, the old Dillards at Coliseum Mall was in the process of being torn down, and the Hechts sign was taken down and replaced with a Macys sign. After Christmas, parts of the mall will be torn down and the Peninsula Town Center will be in the process of being built. The only building that will remain will be the Hechts/Macys…

Here are Boris’ photos:

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1 – Dillards being town down.

2 – Dillards being town down.

3 – The old Food Court (“Food Place”) entrance.

4 – The new Macy’s sign on the Hechts. Honestly? Looks a lot nicer than the old (probably rusty!) Hechts sign.

5 – The always sad, “Yes! We’re still open!” sign. That makes me sad. Coliseum Mall’s sign will always be stuck in 1990.

6 – The new Macys entrance sign. Looks nice.

7 – Another tear down photo of Dillards.

Boris also has a photo album on Flickr if you want to add comments to his photos.

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