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August 21, 2006

Man drives into Kmart, then tries on some women’s shoes

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A car comes crashing into a Hampton Kmart, and the driver was just getting started.

Early Saturday morning a loud crash shattered the silence and the front window at a Hampton Kmart. The damage was extensive.

The 20-year-old driver is facing several charges, including driving under the influence of drugs. But it doesn’t end there.

Police say Bryant Weiford drove through the front window, then got out of his car to try on clothes, perhaps taking shopping to a whole new level.

“The guy just drove through the front of the store with a car!” said store employee Jeff Ray.

Workers took stock of the mess early Saturday hour after a Kmart store off West Mercury Blvd. had closed. Police say a 1986 Pontiac driven by him crashed into the Kmart.

“I heard a loud crash. I thought it was a shelf falling, but then I heard car music and I knew somebody was in here” employee Vernita McClaurin told us.

Rey says he confronted Weiford.

“When I came over to ask him the first time, he kept walking to the shoe department and he changed his shoes and I said, what are you doing? He said, ‘I’m just having fun’, and I said, ‘Well, I’m calling the police'”

“He went on to the women s shoe department and started trying on some women’s shoes” Rey chuckled as he told the story.

“Then he went to the sporting goods department, looking for a gun” said McClaurin. “The police said he said he was going on a shooting rampage. Good thing they got him”.

Weiford is being held in the Hampton city jail.

A spokesperson for Kmart declined to comment.



Driver crashes through Kmart entrance before calmly shopping

06:09 PM EDT on Saturday, August 19, 2006

A man drove his car into the front of a Kmart early Saturday morning.

Police say Bryant Weiford of Hampton drove through the main entrance of the K-Mart on Mercury Boulevard before workers said the 20-year-old hopped out of his car and started shopping.

Shoppers were told to watch for shattered glass and wet floors as the walked into the store Saturday morning.

“They said be careful the floor is wet, and I was looking and I didn’t see water or anything so I was just wondering what happened,” said K-Mart shopper Everlean Borden.

The store was closed, and only three employees were inside the building when the car came bursting through.

“I heard a loud crash, I thought it was a shelf falling so I stopped for a moment, but then heard car music,” said K-Mart employee, Vernita McClaurin.

Employees said they say saw the driver get calmly out of the car, and he began snooping around the store.

“He was trying on women’s shoes, women’s shoes.” said another K-Mart employee who said his name was Jeffrey.

“He kept walking to the shoe department and kept changing his shoes. I was like what are you doing. I said ‘I’m calling the police’, so I called the police and he came and got him,” said McClaurin.

Police did come and arrest the man.

Employees and customers said they have never experienced anything like this before.

“He drove clean in here, got out and started walking around as if it was nothing,” said McClaurin.

Weiford faces several charges including breaking and entering and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Well, he couldn’t pick a crappier KMart to do it in.

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