That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

July 31, 2006

A Skinny Boy In Pink and Black Shoes

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Coliseum Mall The Side That Is Fenced Off
{This side of the mall is fenced off now.}

Dillards (Coliseum Mall, Hampton, VA. Fenced Off)
{another shot of the dead Dillards [died in 2003]}

So I probably took my last trip ever to Coliseum Mall in Hampton today. Mom and I needed our eyes examined and Lens Crafters is one of the places our insurance lets us go to. So we drove all the way there. I didn’t need new lenses (that was surprising) and nothing was wrong with my eyes, but she did tell me to stop sitting in front of the computer all the time. Mom was there for-EVER though. ‘Cause she needed new lesnses, new frames, everything. So I went to Lane Bryant, returned a skirt, tried some clothes on (it feels good to have money again) but all I bought was a blouse. And then I went to Barnes and Noble and I bought a Moleskine Plain Reporter. And I had a Green Tea Frappichino (the ONLY Frappichino I will drink, other than those ones you buy at the store) and an icky sugar cookie while I waited, and waited and waited for mom.

Oh, but before I got to B&N, there is a display a little mock up display of what Coliseum Mall is going to look like a few years when the tear parts of the mall down and it will look like a downtown shopping area. So I saw this older couple looking at the display and they were reaidng the fake stores in the display. They actually believed that stores like “Bookstation” and “Pillows Galore” was going to be in this new setup for the Hampton Town center whatever its going to be called.

Hecht’s/Macy’s* is pretty much dead. I saw a poster to sign up for a Macy’s charge card. The store was totally empty. Just like 10 shoppers and a few workers. Maybe two people getting off the esclator. I got a cell phone call so I left the store and didn’t get a chance to go back in and take another look.
*you know, I like the way that sounds, “Hecht’s-Macy’s”. I know Macy’s tried doing that a few years ago with some stores they bought (like “Rich’s-Macy’s” and “Bon-Macy’s”) but it didn’t turn out.

I didn’t go to Penneys, but it seemed to be doing briskly like it always does. I was afraid to go into Burlington Coat Factory and Steve and Barry’s.

While mom and I were waiting for LensCrafters to make her glasses, we went back to B&N and I was at the cafe getting an Italian Soda and these two “pretentious” people (I didn’t know they still existed in Hampton!) were ahead of me and one guy was a stocky, early 50’s guy and he had one of those trillion dollar digital SLR cameras pasted to his side (I wonder if he went around the mall with that thing pasted to his side, I’m sure security would’ve stopped him in a Don Johnson Heartbeat) Anyways, he was talking to the pretentious lady and she was whining about how her roomate or friend or something had a family member die last night and she was up until like 3 in the morning with her. And she said, “you know, we did the drinking, watching cheesy old movies kind of thing”. It just sounded so fake. Like something you’d hear on a TV show or a paperback.

It felt like a breath of fresh air when we drove into Franklin.



  1. Pretty neat blog. I ran into Wikipedia’s defuct retail sites a few weeks back.

    I live in Philadelphia, which has had its share of defunct stores. Macy’s is taking over some former Hecht’s and Lord & Taylor stores here. And as for soda, I drink Pibb Xtra, which isn’t sold here but is found in parts of the south.

    – Peter, Philadelphia, PA

    Comment by Xavier and Peter — July 31, 2006 @ 12:57 am | Reply

  2. I saw a store being born once. It was magical.

    Comment by ABB — August 20, 2006 @ 4:12 am | Reply

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