That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

June 28, 2006

Becker Village Mall (Roanoke Rapids, NC–Dead Since 2002?)

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So, last Monday my friend Gary & I drove out to Roanoke Rapids, NC to find different sodas and drinks. He told me when he was doing research on the city that there was a mall there; Becker Village Mall and it had a JC Penney and a Belk. I always like to visit new malls dead or alive so I was excited about this.

Becker Villiage Mall (dead since 2002?)

I knew things were going to be bad the minute we saw the sign. That is one oudated sign!

Becker Village Mall (dead since 2002?)

We walked in and Gary said, “” and I said, “I’m in love!!”.

There were only three, four people walking in the mall. One was a custodian.

Becker Villiage Mall (Roanoke Rapids, NC--Dead Since 2002?)

Upon doing research, we learned that this closed in 2002–when most of the mall packed up and moved out when KMart shut down.

Becker Villiage Mall

This place looks like it was here from day one.

Becker Villiage Mall (Roanoke Rapids, NC--Dead Since 2002?)

Gary took this picture from the bathroom hallway. My friend Sarah saw the pic on Flickr and said, “that’s a mall? weird. it looks like the science building at my school.” She also supplied the Becker photo.

JC Penney, Becker Villiage Mall. Roanoke Rapids, NC

I took a picture of the JC Penney as we were driving away.

So, this place only had six stores open:

JC Penney
Shoe Dept
Hibbett Sports
Hit Wear.

The mall was small and about the size of two drugstores. When we both came home, Gary did research on the mall. Apparently KMart closing in 2002 killed this place.


June 17, 2006

Chuck E Cheeses (1994?) Hampton, VA

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11th birthday? (1994?)
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This was the last Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheeses ever. Unfortunately I can’t remember what birthday this was. I’m thinking maybe it was my 11th in 1994 because those shoes look like the shoes I wore to my 5th grade “graduation” a few days prior. But I also remember having a birthday party at my house with a couple of friends from school. Maybe I did both? Yeah, I think I may of done both. I’m not sure.

I look miserable. And that dress is like 2 sizes too small.

This Chuck E Cheeses moved to another shopping center in Hampton a few years ago.

June 10, 2006

From The April 6, 2006 Daily Press

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This has been on my desktop since like April 8th. I have a “browken” computer at the moment [just look up “emac freezes up” on google and you’ll know why] and things fall by the wayside.

June 1, 2006

Abandoned Junior High (forgot name!! Franklin, VA)

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Abandoned Junior High (forgot name!! Franklin, VA)
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I know, its not a store, but my car has been broken for a month now and I haven’t been able to go anywhere to take pics of abandoned stores and such:

I had a job interview at the Martin Luther King center across the street from this place. It just blew my mind that Franklin has an abandoned school. I was with my dad so I could only take one pic. I wanted to walk across the street and take a walk around the building. I wonder when it shut down. (well, it probably moved)


It’s Hayden Junior High , built in 1953.

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