That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

March 27, 2006

Back In My Times It Was All About The Dress Codes?

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I got an e-mail tonight from a Crystal A. who went to my high school (Kecougthan High School) in Hampton, VA and the school newspaper ran an article about Coliseum Mall:

“Reconstruction of Hampton continues with Coliseum Mall updates”
By Jessica Bailey

“Shop till you drop” is a concept that many people live by when let
loose in
shopping malls.

Hampton has the 33-year-old Coliseum mall off of Mercury Blvd. as its
shopping mall. It turns out that the mall’s sales have dropped from
under $140 million in 1999 to about $112 million in 2004. Along with
declining sales, the Coliseum Mall has faced stiff competition from
newer shopping areas.

Now, Hampton officials and Coliseum Mall owners are trying to establish
deal that will eventually transform the old mall into a new and
improved “town center”.

It will include city blocks, parking spaces, and multistory buildings
offices, apartments, and retailers. Steiner developers are calling the
mall the Peninsula Town Center.

“New York-based Mall Properties would like to use the concept that was
laid out in 2004,” said Howard S. Struletz, the company’s Vice

These plans could cost more than $200 million in changes, with $65.5
generated through special taxes on the new center.

Council members were set to vote on Feb. 8 to decide how they will pay
the cost of the town center. They could choose to create a special
that could sell bonds and set special taxes in the mall area to help
pay for
the high costs expected for the construction.

According to Struletz, Mall Properties would like to start construction
this summer and open the new center by fall of 2008. However, the plans
construction are still being discussed, but it is certain that they
require closing large sections of the mall at a time.

The only buildings that will stay a part of the new center from the old
area are the Hecht’s, which will become a Macy’s, and the three
along Coliseum Drive – Outback Steakhouse, Bennigan’s, and Steak and

Tenants and owners of stores at the Coliseum Mall are aware of the
changes, but few know any details. Struletz claims to have talked to
tenants, but only on general terms.

Even though the improvements sound like they will improve sales for
many people will lose jobs while construction is going on. However,
once the
new center is opened, more jobs will be available to those looking to

As far as shopping during the construction process goes, local shoppers
just have to go to the nearby Patrick Henry Mall or even to other malls
across the water.

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