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March 30, 2006

Like Pool Cues?

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Like Pool Cues?
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In August of 2005 I did a quickie soda finding misson to Murfreesboro, NC.

I didn’t know what the store actually was though. I don’t think the store inside was called Magic Cue though.

Microfilm Photocopy Scans Of Newmarket North / Newmarket Fair Mall

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I got these at the Newport News public library main branch in February when I was doing research on a speech about the mall for my public speaking class:


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{Opening day tease ad that was in the newspaper leading up to the day the mall opened.}


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{Newmarket North Mall’s original logo.}


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{B. Dalton Bookseller advertisement. At the time of opening, Newmarket had two bookstores; a Waldenbooks (stayed open until 1995) and a B.Dalton (stayed open until 1991 I believe)}

Most of these are kinda big for a blog, so here are the links to them:

Sneak Preview of the mall a couple of days before it opened in March of 1975

Interior shot of the upper level of the mall

An original floor plan to the mall

Miller & Rhoads moving ad (M&R was in the shopping center across from Newmarket originally

Upperlevel Sears entrance. As of 2006, it still looks like this. (Sears owns their own building, so it did not move out when Netcenter took over the mall.)

The day I went to get these microfilm scans, I also went to Sears and I went upstairs to the plus size department and you can still see in the mall and it was funny to see people working at desks instead of stores.

Poor quality image of the upper level of the mall

Better quality image of the upper level of the mall. In this pic you can see the B. Dalton

Miller & Rhoads interior shot. M&R closed in 1990, and now Verizon owns the building.

I drove around to the Verizon building 2 months ago and you can see the labelscar from M&R still.

1990 remodel (November 11, 1990 Daily Press)

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Mall Manager Deborah Moreau in front of the new skylights.
This is a photocopy from a newspaper article the Newport News main library had. I wish I could’ve taken a picture of this pic in color. Deborah was wearing all turquoise, and turquoise was one of the mall’s new colors. She dressed like the mall! As you can see, the mall’s xmas decorations were up aleready. I think by 1995, they stopped putting them up.

The OMGZ glass enclosed elevator, I’ve only ridden on this 2 times maybe? The last time I did was in 2002 when I went to Verizon for a job fair.

The unfinished food court that was basically a flop


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The scary merrygoround. All those horses looked so angry. I always had a hard time getting on the horses. This one time when I was about 9, I was wearing a pair of shorts, and I got on the merrygoround with my mom’s help, and my legs stuck to the horse. I think I screamed as I was trying to get off of it. Mom yelled at me the whole way home I think.

1994 How’s Newmarket Fairing? Article

By 1994 the mall was dead:

Scan of Daily Press headline

Empty Stride Ride Bootery shoestore. My parents would take me here for my shoes growing up.

More microfilm scans here.

March 27, 2006

Back In My Times It Was All About The Dress Codes?

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I got an e-mail tonight from a Crystal A. who went to my high school (Kecougthan High School) in Hampton, VA and the school newspaper ran an article about Coliseum Mall:

“Reconstruction of Hampton continues with Coliseum Mall updates”
By Jessica Bailey

“Shop till you drop” is a concept that many people live by when let
loose in
shopping malls.

Hampton has the 33-year-old Coliseum mall off of Mercury Blvd. as its
shopping mall. It turns out that the mall’s sales have dropped from
under $140 million in 1999 to about $112 million in 2004. Along with
declining sales, the Coliseum Mall has faced stiff competition from
newer shopping areas.

Now, Hampton officials and Coliseum Mall owners are trying to establish
deal that will eventually transform the old mall into a new and
improved “town center”.

It will include city blocks, parking spaces, and multistory buildings
offices, apartments, and retailers. Steiner developers are calling the
mall the Peninsula Town Center.

“New York-based Mall Properties would like to use the concept that was
laid out in 2004,” said Howard S. Struletz, the company’s Vice

These plans could cost more than $200 million in changes, with $65.5
generated through special taxes on the new center.

Council members were set to vote on Feb. 8 to decide how they will pay
the cost of the town center. They could choose to create a special
that could sell bonds and set special taxes in the mall area to help
pay for
the high costs expected for the construction.

According to Struletz, Mall Properties would like to start construction
this summer and open the new center by fall of 2008. However, the plans
construction are still being discussed, but it is certain that they
require closing large sections of the mall at a time.

The only buildings that will stay a part of the new center from the old
area are the Hecht’s, which will become a Macy’s, and the three
along Coliseum Drive – Outback Steakhouse, Bennigan’s, and Steak and

Tenants and owners of stores at the Coliseum Mall are aware of the
changes, but few know any details. Struletz claims to have talked to
tenants, but only on general terms.

Even though the improvements sound like they will improve sales for
many people will lose jobs while construction is going on. However,
once the
new center is opened, more jobs will be available to those looking to

As far as shopping during the construction process goes, local shoppers
just have to go to the nearby Patrick Henry Mall or even to other malls
across the water.

March 26, 2006

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet coming to Hampton Roads

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Ollie’s Bargain Outlet coming to Hampton Roads

The Pennsylvania discounter sells liquidated and overstock items.


March 25 2006

HAMPTON — Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, a discount store chain based in Pennsylvania, will move into the building on Mercury Boulevard that Toys “R” Us left in February.

Ollie’s sells overstocked, liquidated and salvaged goods. The new store is expected to open May 18, according to the company.

Another location in Virginia Beach will open May 17 and a third will open in Norfolk in June, according to the Web site. There are 42 other store locations, primarily in Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania.

One of the reasons the company is expanding into Virginia is because it is partially owned by Dollar Tree, which is based in Chesapeake and operates 2,914 stores nationwide.

“NOW HIRING” is printed in bold, black across a white banner hanging in the empty store’s front window. The company needs to fill various positions including cashiers and store managers.

The Toys “R” Us store closed its doors in February after a liquidation sale that began after Christmas.

It was one of 75 stores in the United States the company announced it would close. The Hampton store’s 29 employees learned of the closing in December and since have either moved to other locations, including the Newport News store on Jefferson Avenue, or received severance packages.

The four other Hampton Roads locations for Toys “R” Us – Newport News, Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach – will remain open.

Copyright © 2006, Daily Press

March 17, 2006

KMart & Waldenbooks?

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I think I made this up, but in the late 80’s or early 90’s did KMart (when most of them got
remodled in the “K” format — the store signs were changed from the K M a r t to just “K”
wtih “Mart” scrawled in the middle of the K) have some sort of partenship with
Waldenbooks where there was a small book section in each store?

I remember the book section at the Hampton, VA store (which is surprisingly still open, it
opened in 1975, a few days after the Newmarket North/Newmarket Fair mall opened in
Hampton) was between the health and beauty section and the registers. The section was
mostly bestsellers and kids books. I remember about once a week mom let me get a
Babysitters Club book from that section of the store. For some reason I think I remember
seeing the Waldenbooks logo somewhere in that section.

The book section faded away sometime in the mid 1990’s and the last time I went to this
KMart in 2002 or 2003 the book section was just an aisle, and of course it was messy and

March 12, 2006

Christmas Eve and Christmas, 1973

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Christmas Eve and Christmas, 1973

This was the shopping center across the street from Nemarket North Mall . (well, the photo was taken before the mall was opened)The shopping center is still open, but it’s kinda seedy now. None of the original tenants remain.

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