That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

February 17, 2006

Bill’s Vacant Toys R Us Pictures

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Bill has been keeping a good eye on the now vacant Toys R Us in Hampton for me.

The whole shopping complex that it was in was formely a GEX store for Government Employees only. Bill’s commentary:

GEX went out of business sometime, I believe, in the early 70s. The membership concept was totally abandoned during its last years of business.Someone tried, and failed miserably, to reopen GEX under the same name a few years later.

When the concept didn’t appear to be working, the store was remodeled and given a new name–GEX General Store. That went over poorly as well, and the entire complex folded except for GEX Automotive. It remained open, selling tires at heavily discounted prices.

Toy’s ‘r Us was definitely open by 1980 or so. I used to go in there and browse their selection of Atari 8 bit computers and software, which were in many department stores at that time.

Bill says that there are ” have been workmen inside of that Toys ‘r Us every day that I’ve been by since the store closing–even Sunday!” I wonder if the store is being reformatted into a Babies R Us. Or simply, the Toys R Us corporation has to gut out everything after a store closing.


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  1. I hate to see the death of whole category retail (such as toy stores) to the one big giant. Happened to Child World/Children’s Palace as well. Was the most popular toy store in New England (loved the 2 story store with the basement level in Quincy, MA as a kid!) but eventually filed for bankruptcy around 1991 and was closed a few years later. Same thing is happening to Toys R Us now. I am living in Ohio and there are only a few TRU left. As much as I hate to see a company die, there is something deeply interesting, alluring, and fascinating to me in seing a dead business, especially a big dead store or dead mall!

    Comment by Papi — March 20, 2006 @ 8:53 pm | Reply

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