That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

February 9, 2006

Worlds Largest Fireplace …. and Candlesticks?

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I totally forgot to post these when I took them back in December. They’re of Patrick Henry Mall’s (Newport News, VA) new renovations:

Worlds Largest Fireplace .... and Candlesticks?

I understand the new fireplace in the Patrick Henry Mall’s new foodcourt (“You understand the fireplace? koo-koo!” [/Franklin Sherman]). That’s great.

What I don’t understand is the HUGE candlesticks! Why?!?

New Mall Wing (former Dillards Mens and Kids Department - Patrick Henry Mall)

I was too scared to take a pic in the new mall wing (that’s not finished yet), so I took them through the doors.

If You're Changing, Why Not Take Down The Movie Marquee From 1998?

They finally covered up the old movie theater marquee at Patrick Henry Mall.

The movie theater probably closed in the mall in the late 1990’s. I think an old Navy is there now? I think the movie marquee was also the Mall’s entrance sign.

Borders Bookstore @ Patrick Henry Mall (new)

This is the new Borders. I wasn’t too impressed with it.

The new Borders (in the former Dillards Mens/Kids building)

Here is a picture of the store while it was being built.

Here’s a pic when it was just a skelton of the former Dillard’s mens and children’s department.


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  1. I personally like the Borders. We didn’t have one around here, and it has some different products than the Barnes and Noble near it.

    Comment by Rachel — November 8, 2009 @ 10:49 pm | Reply

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