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September 7, 2005

My Leather Phone Makes The Ladies Quiiver

Filed under: 1983 JC Penney & Sears Catalogs — Anita @ 4:28 am

More 1983 JC Penny & Sears stuff…guns, leather phones, truck accessories, play food, a cool old camera, and some more phones:

Image hosted by

Yeah, JC Penny (yes, that JC Penny) had GUNS in their catalogs back in the 80’s! But only hunting guns.

Here’s the specifics on ordering a gun from JC Penny:

  • WE DO NOT SELL GUNS TO PERSONS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE. (higher where local regulations require.) Delivery is made only through a JC Penny Catalog Department. Read full details on page 845.
  • WE PAY DELIVERY on all firearms to nearest Catalog Department.
  • I guess the guns got picked up at the Catalog Department because they could force the customer to show them ID?

    Image hosted by

    Including guns, JC Penny also had a truck accessories section of their catalog! Yeah…that truck couch looks really safe, faces meet the pavement the second the driver has to throw on the brakes.

    Image hosted by
    {JC Penny}
    How much counter space would you want to give up for one of these babies! They’re all as big as a nightstand table top!

    Image hosted by

    Check out the phone that has its own…leather dust cover? Here is the decription of the phone:

    Contempra/Talia Telephone. Beaitifully crafted in fine Italian leather, this unique status symbol is the perfect gift for that special somone who appreciates the finer things in life.The sleek handset features conveinent touch tone dialing buttons. Converts quickly and easily from desk to wall phone. ….. $174.99

    I wish I could’ve seen someone have this phone on their wall. While typing that description up, I saw a phone in there that was even more than the leather phone that I didn’t catch the time I took pictures of these things. Oh, it’ll be up here in a few days.

    Image hosted by

    This camera is awesome! I love it. I love 1980’s cameras. Too bad none of them really work anymore.

    Image hosted by
    I could never have enough play food sets and play kitchen sets growing up. I loved them. I’m sure we all have our favorites. I loved when there was some brand recognition in our play kitchen sets as well. I’m crushing on the La Choy stuff in the bottom right hand corner.

    Image hosted by

    And finally..we all knew somebody who knew somebody who had one of these racing sets in their bedrooms/rumpus rooms back in the day…and we all knew someone who knew someone who had one but mom made them throw it away or put it in the yard sale because they lost a peice or it just stopped working. And my dad and I were the ones who would buy them off the kids’ mom and try to see if they’d work on Sunday afternoons with the Sunday afternoon movie in the background on the UHF channel. Dad and I never got them to work.


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    1. The leather phone was ugly, the multicolor phone with the letters is awesome though.

      Comment by Chris — November 11, 2007 @ 12:39 pm | Reply

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