That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

August 10, 2005

Say Hello To Good Buys!

Filed under: 1983 JC Penney & Sears Catalogs — Anita @ 4:25 am

More 1983 funny:

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{Sears}Girls too old to be playing dressup. Those girls look like they’re 9 or 10.

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Hope you guys can read the description to that roulette watch.You have to bring that game board and chips whever you go if you want to reallly use that watch! That’s just stupid! Scenario:Jim: Hey, Bob! Is that a Roulette watch?
Bob:Yeah! Want to play? I just got to dig out my tiny game board and my tiny chips out of my wallet!
Jim: Nah, Bob. That’s ok.

Unless the photo is misleading, and it came with a full sized game board and chips, and you’re supposed to take it out at parties or something

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{JC Penny}Yes! Nike made bowling shoes back in the day! Can you imagine what Nike bowling shoes would look like today!

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{JC Penny}Those old Nikes are off the hook. I want the slip on shoes!

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  1. Those slip-ons are indeed off the hook. I know this post is from a few back, but it there any possibility you still have the catalogue? If so could you send me a scan of the bowling shoes (gotta pair in tan that I’m wearin right now!) and the slip-ons? If thats not cool could you just check whether there’s any info on the page about the slip-ons?

    Sending respect.


    Comment by Tom — September 3, 2007 @ 6:56 pm | Reply

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