That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

August 6, 2005

Loneliest Job Ever (For The Security Guard)

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Went by my childhood (dead) mall; Newmarket Fair Mall in Hampton, VA today. Now since the mall is Netcenter only a tiny bit of the original mall is open to the public. I only took a couple of photos, but I’ll try to drive out there again Monday. The place was so quiet today (since it was Saturday and most of the employees don’t work weekends at Netcenter) that I could hear every one of my footsteps.

Newmarket's Second Entrance

This is the entrance us non-Netcenter employees cannot go through anymore. Back when this place was a mall, you could enter these doors and you’d see the stairs and (laughs) “center court”.

Sears @ The Former Newmarket Fair Mall

Sears is the only anchor of Newmarket North/Newmarket Fair mall that rode the almost 25 year storm that the mall was open (1975-1999). It’s still open and just got a remodel last year. I drove by here today (on a Saturday) and the parking lot looked healthy. I’m assuming this Sears has lived this long in this location is because its the only one in the area, I believe the next Sears is in Chesapeake, VA.

New Batrhooms!

Newmarket Fair Mall (now netcenter) did get new bathrooms with its netcenter remodel. The old bathrooms were awful.

Nobody Ever Rested Here.

The olde Rest Area at Newmarket North/Fair Mall. I never saw anbyody sitting here resting. I can’t remember now if they took that tv out of its casing or not.

Newmarket Pyramid

Check Out the architecture over at the ex Newmarket Fair Mall. I’ve always loved these growing up. I’m happy Netcenter didn’t knock them down when they bought the mall.

The Only Entrance Open To The Public Now.

This is the only entrance open to the public now for the former Newmrket Fair Mall (now Netcenter). Picaddily Cafeteria still operates for hungy Sears patrons or hungry Netcenter workers.

newmarket bathroom hallway closeup

Restroom hallway

//edit–photos from August 20, 2005//

All That's Left

This is all that’s left to the public. See those upstairs railings? Those were originally turquoise color. Every pic I see of a mall that died in the 1990’s has some hint of turquoise in them.

Not Another Day At Newmarket!!

One of the (probably when the mall was operating as a mall there was probably 25 of these benches in the mall) benches the mall had. It now sits outside.


This is a pic of me in the former mall on my birthday (June 20, 2005):

I Visited My Baby!!

Previous entries of mine about Newmarket:

My first trip to Newmarket with my camera, I took exterior shots that day.

I Didn’t Whoop Their Butt In Bingo – a little post about the Baskin Robbins and the morning Bingo tournaments in the summer of 1994 held at the mall.

The first time I make fun of an ad about the mall from my local newspaper.

When Richard Karn (the actor who played Al on Home Improvement) came to the mall.

Miller & Rhoads going out of business ad (1989)

Me and the Newmarket Fair Mall Santa (1989)

A Dorky Ad For The Mall in 1989

An interior shot of the inside of the theaters across the street from the mall.

Microfilm Photocopy Scans Of The Mall’s Heydays

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  1. I wonder why Sears went with a blue sign on that dark brick. Typically that would call for a white sign for contrast.

    Comment by Steven Swain — August 8, 2005 @ 2:28 am | Reply

  2. Actually, the upstairs railings were originally clear glass with a dark color (brownish metallic) railing along the top.

    Comment by — November 4, 2005 @ 1:09 pm | Reply

  3. Wow, I have been looking for info on Newmarket North for years now. I grew up in Newport News and we went to that mall 2-3 times a month. I remember playing on that pyramid structure, it was awesome. Glad to see that someone is attempting some history on the mall. I love the pics, keep ’em coming!

    Comment by Chris — January 8, 2006 @ 2:54 am | Reply

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