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August 2, 2005

"What Kind Of Crazy Ass Getup Is She Going To Have On This Time?!"

Filed under: 1983 JC Penney & Sears Catalogs — Anita @ 4:27 am

I’m drawing blanks here tonight, so more fashion rejects from 1983:

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{Sears 1983 Christmas Catalogue}Most of these models in the JC Penny and Sears catalogues look like they put up with no shit! Including this one.

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{Sears}Where Paula Poundstone got her first ties at!

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{1983 JC Penny Catalouge}If I had a teacher that wore one of these in elementary school, I’d distract me to no end. Actually, that did happen a lot in Kindergarden, I got distracted a lot by my teacher’s jewelry. I remember the teacher aide in my class always had one of those watches with the interchangeable wristbands, and I always made it a point to see which color she was wearing that day.

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{JC Penny}Now I personally think that those dresses look a lot better than the dresses that were around when it was time for people my age to go to prom (as you’ve read 1,282 times I didn’t go to mine).

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{JC Penny}
Now I wish that they made those different colored pantyhose still, and they made them in my size.

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Apparently in 1984 people were uber-patriotic too, and this also coencides with the Olympics. Could you imagine an expectant mother these days wearing an “Olympic baby 2006” shirt?

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