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August 28, 2005

I Didn’t Whoop Their Butt In Bingo

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I tried going to bed early for the first time since we moved in here last month, and I could not. I climbed in bed at 10:45, didn’t fall asleep until 12, and was up at 2:40.

Not Another Day At Newmarket!!

Since I’m up, all of a sudden I got this warm and fuzzy memory of sitting on one of the straight out of 1990 black metal benches (see photo) Newmarket Fair Mall had (and still have for the Netcenter employees). It was the Summer of 1994, and I was sitting there with my mom in front of the Baskin Robbins and we were drinking those coffee ice cream drinks (I forgot the name of them, the only Baskin Robbins out here now is the one in Col. Wiliamsburg). The mall was pretty much dead at that point, probably only had 20 tenants left in it. We had probably finished shopping at Sears for a fan or a purse for mom or something.

Newmarket Pyramid

I also remember for a few weeks that Summer mom and I would go there in the mornings to the upstairs (dead since 1992!) Food Court to play Bingo with the old folks. That was when the carousel was still in the mall on the second level, right next to the Food Court. I think by then Sabarro was the only tenant left in the food court.

I don’t think that Baskin Robbins saw the Summer of 1995.

August 26, 2005

Did They Wear Teal Vests?

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False Promises//

 Yeah Right.//

Honestly, I don’t think any of these nice things were available at Newmarket Fair, this was just some pipe dream ad created to stir interest. The people who expected things like this left Newmarket North/Fair mall when Miller & Rhoads closed in 1989 (a year before the mall got renovated). Here’s a detail on the imaginary help guy:

All That's Left//

I know the mall had a service desk (now the security guards sit there to make sure people don’t trespass into Netcenter) , but I never saw anybody actually check a coat in, rent a stroller, ask someone to carry out a package for them—and I never saw anybody wearing bowties in that mall.

Extreme Makeover

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The mall is halfway to a new look as well as a new mix of stores and restaurants.


August 25 2005

NEWPORT NEWS — The $25 million overhaul of Patrick Henry Mall has rounded the midway point, as construction crews are working in double shifts to add several new anchor stores and give the old mall a new look inside and out.

Mall officials are aiming for a November grand reopening but opened the door to the mall’s construction zone Wednesday for a peek at the space that will house Border’s bookstore, Dick’s Sporting Goods, a Red Robin restaurant and more.

The changes are an attempt to remake Patrick Henry Mall and secure the 18-year-old mall’s place as the destination shopping center in the corridor from Denbigh to Oyster Point.

“We’re an ’80s mall right now,” said mall general manager Roger W. Brown, who has worked as Patrick Henry’s only manager since it opened in 1987. “If you don’t do this you’re going to be behind the eight-ball. We couldn’t stay like we were with everything else coming in. We’re outdated.”

Though none are as large as the mall, new shopping opportunities continue to open along Jefferson Avenue, from Jefferson Commons, anchored by Kohl’s, to the small stores at Port Warwick and City Center at Oyster Point and the planned mixed-use community Patrick Henry Marketplace.

Patrick Henry Mall has been one of the best-performing properties for Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, the publicly traded company that owns the mall. Patrick Henry earns more in terms of dollars per square feet than any mall owned by the company, Brown said.

But with the added competition and nearly two-decade old decor, the reinvestment in the mall is intended to spark more interest in the property.

The addition of new anchor stores “reaffirms us as a destination mall,” said Moffat Welsh, regional marketing director for PREIT.

PREIT’s market data also predicts income growth of 27 percent for the area by 2009, and the company would like to be in a position to capture some of the disposable income, Welsh said.

The construction at the mall, which started in May, will add space and new exterior details like a fountain, arches, towers and brick; and new interior detailing such as wood-like millwork, ornate lighting and more luxurious seating areas.

Drivers on Interstate 64 will see a revamped north face of the mall. A mix of towers, arches, awnings and flags will sharply differ from the previous flat facade.

The food court seating will center around a large fireplace. “Soft seating” areas with carpet and couches will mark four courtyards.

Workers have already vaulted ceilings throughout the mall to provide a more airy space.

New and larger skylights – some already have been installed – allow more natural light to flood the mall’s long corridors. A central courtyard near what is now the entrance next to Ruby Tuesday’s will feature two large skylights and access to Border’s and Dick’s.

Stores such as American Eagle and new addition New York & Co. – a women’s fashion store – also will be positioned there.

Brown, Welsh and marketing director Steven Givens are planning two grand re-openings, one for November this year – when most work should be completed – and one for the first quarter of 2006, when all the work should be done.

Copyright © 2005, Daily Press

Mr. How!

Ramblings Of Silver Blue Rabling On The Dead Malls/Shopping Centers In the Hampton Roads area

August 23, 2005

Back When Garfield Was On All Fours

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Today I wanted to reserve my 1983 catalog entries to one section, and to one catalog. In 1983 the Sears Wish Book devoted 4 pages to … Garfield. (you know, back when Garfield was funny). When I was 13-17 I had a huge garfield collection I probably had over 100 Garfield things, but looking at this stuff I only owned 3 things out of this catalog spread:

Image hosted by

I owned several of those little Odies (mom and relatives would pick them up for me at the thrift stores and yard sales, they didn’t know how many little Odies I had). I think I had 4 of these guys before my collection ended. (I packed it up when we moved to Wakefield in 2000 and put it in my attic).

No, those Garfields in the bottom left corner are not wearing glasses, they were talking Garfields whose eyes would move. I guess they didn’t think about painting the inside of Garfield’s head orange so it wouldn’t look like he was wearing glasses.

Image hosted by

I wish I had found one of those Garfield tote bags when I was collecting, I’d carry that around as a purse.

Oh hey, I forgot I had a close up of it:

Image hosted by

I like the little Garfield scooter thing with him holding the rear of it. They don’t make things like that anymore. Too bad 90% of them got rust and sun damage by the time summer of 1984 arrived.

Image hosted by

If they made that sleeping bag (lower left corner) when I was in my sleepover days I would of been all over that. Instead I got Mickey and Minnie mouse one and a Babysitter’s Club one.

Check out the latchhook kit, that’s kinda sad. It looks like Garfield up in kitty heaven.

Image hosted by

I had a plethora of metal wastebasket bins growing up. Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobbie and a late 80’s Garfield one. But man did those things get NASTY after the first time you trashed a soda can that had just a little bit of soda left in it. I still remember the smell of my Garfield one. Yuck. I just use a piority mail box for a wastebasket now and carry my soda cans to the kitchen to be thrown away. Finally learned my lesson after 22 years.

August 19, 2005

The Brick Hulk

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{From The August 16th Daily Press}

This is all true, in the late 1990’s there were plans for this huge power plant high class entertainment center to be built in Hampton, it was going to be built next to the dead Mercury Plaza shopping center (which I have brought up before). A Bass Pro Shop (I read on some site somewhere someone called that place a “rednecks paradise”) opened in 2003-ish, and a Lowe’s Hardware store in 2002-ish. I don’t call that an entertainment center, do you? Don’t forget the CiCi’s Pizza, and the Sonic and the Subway that came out of an old Avis Rent A Car Place. (well, the Sonic didn’t)

There was supposed to be a K-Mart built there—even if there was one already 4 miles away, and KMart had no intent on moving it or shutting it down (its probably been there since the 60’s). This place was being built around the time K-Mart hit the fan and had to close all those stores down in 2003, hence this store never being finished.

And right down the street Coliseum Mall is dying, they want to turn this place into yet ANOTHER Power Plant Town Center or whatever.

August 17, 2005

"But I Thought We Were Going To See ET Again"

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0/~When You’re Bored And Have Nothing Else To Write About, It’s Time To Turn To The 1983 Catalogs Again!o/~

See how I made that into a song? Just put those little makeshift music notes at the beginning and end of each sentence.

Anyways, more horrors from 1983—His And Here’s Red Long Johns, Huge Microwaves, Bert And Ernie Slippers, Barbie Goes Camping, Nightmarish Wallpaper, And How To Ruin Your Kitchen In One Easy Step:

Image hosted by

{JC Penny}Doesn’t this pic just yell 32 year old businessman who brought his 19 year old girlfriend with him to the bosses cabin for the weekend? It looks like he’s telling that losing your virginity isn’t a scary thing. (Hence the reason why he brought her up to the cabin that weekend, and the reason why she bought them matching red long johns)

Image hosted by

{JC Penny}NIGHTMARISH WALLPAPER! I mean my mom told me she loved me 9,000 times already by the time this catalog came out (Keep in mind I was born in 1983, this is why I have these catalogs), but for the parents that just could not tell their kid they loved them, there was the “I [heart] You” wallpaper.

Check out the ‘RAINBOW’ wallpaper, no not the wallpaper with the rainbows on it, but the wallpaper with the actual word RAINBOW on it.

Image hosted by

{JC Penny}
How to ruin your $3,000 cabinetry in one fell swoop! Imagine if you will walking in after a hard days work and seeing your wife with your iron in her hand ironing laminate to the cabinets. What’s up with the beige rattan one? That looks like those shelf liners that also double for a nonslip mat (I forgot the actual term for them, but my mom uses them so her cutting boards stay still)

Image hosted by

I had Bert and Ernie slippers growing up too, but mine had the little plastic heads on them, and once my slippers wore out, dad would cut the heads off the slippers and I’d have Bert and Ernie heads to play with. The Cookie Monster slipper is wearing a chefs hat apparently. Bert’s ears are HUGE in slipper form!

Image hosted by

{Sears}I had a Barbie camper like that! Expect mine was from the 70’s and it was yellow. I loved that thing. That snack bar tent looks interesting though. If they still made that when I was playing with Barbies, I’d want it. Barbie’s own Dominos Pizza couldn’t beat that. (yeah, I had a Barbie Dominos Pizza. I thought it was the coolest Barbie playset ever, sad thing is I got it when I was 11)

Image hosted by

{Sears}The catalog calls this a, “Micro/Convection Oven”, that “combines the speed of a microwave oven with the “hot air” browning of a convection oven.

Did anybody’s parents actually own one of these? I’m dying to know if someone actually made a ham with it or a turkey.

August 12, 2005

Monday Morning, Went To Get Krispy Kreme Afterwards

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Oh yeah, Monday morning I drove out to Coliseum Mall in Hampton, VA to take some pics. This mall is seeing hard times right now. The food court is 80% gone, it lost Dillard’s in 2003, and Burlington Coat Factory only took up half of the old Ward’s space, and I don’t think the Hecht’s is going to make the Macy’s turnover next year. I only took exterior shots:

First (and probably last!) Anchor Standing : JC Penney

This is the only original anchor that is left at Coliseum Mall. But if whoever owns the mall decides to reshift it into a town center, nobody really would be crying if it left because there is one at Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News that is only 5 years old, its not a two story though.

E Entrance To Coliseum Mall

One of the back entrances to the mall. I think that tall blue and white thingy (?) was added around a couple of years ago.

Gigantor Hecht's (Coliseum Mall, Hampton, VA)

Big and Plain is what describes this Hecht’s. This used to be a Thalhimers until either the late 1980’s or very very very (like I’m talking 1990) early 1990’s.

Gigantor Hecht's (Coliseum Mall, Hampton, VA)

I forgot how plain and massive this Hecht’s is. I drove all the way out here from Franklin (it was an easy trip, no big) to take pics of this place because I highly doubt that this place will make the big Hehct’s/Macy’s turnover next year. Macy’s will probably drop this location like a bad habit–who can blame them?!

A Entrance [To Coliseum Mall]

The back entrance to Coliseum Mall. I never used this entrance when I shopped here all the time when I lived in Hampton (or when I’d drive out here from Wakefield to shop at Lane Bryant, which is still open)

Dillards (1997-2003)

I wish I had gotten out of my car and took a pic, but Mall Security was rampant. The signs were still on the window for the Dillard’s hours when it was going out of business in 2003. I tried zooming in but it did not work.

Montgomery Wards @ Coliseum Mall (1985-2001)

This was the side entrance to Wards, now its nothing, when Burlington Coat Factory opened up in 2004, it only took up half the space of the old Wards.

Entrance That I Never Saw Anyone Go In

This was the main entrance to Dillards, I never really saw anyone come and go from this entrance, most people just went to Dillards though the mall.

I think if I squint hard enough I can see the label scars from the green diamonds that would be on the beginning and ends of the Proffit’s sign back when this building was a Proffits for about three years from maybe 1993-1996 or 1997 maybe?

Dillards' Labelscar 'Cause Scars Are Cool!

It was a bit jarring not to see the Dillards sign at the corner of the building, but then I remembered that this place has been closed for two years. This was the first Dillards in the area I think, opening in 1997. It’s also apparently the only one in the area to close too. This location and the bigger, nicer Patrick Henry Mall location in Newport News got merged together in 2003 and the Coliseum Mall location got left. I think the mall should just tear this down,

Fake Burlington Coat Factory Entrance (former Wards 1985-2001)

Ah yes, the fake Burlington Coat Factory entrance to Coliseum Mall. (Hampton, VA). This is where the Montgomery Wards used to be until 2001. I think if you can really look you can see the Wards label scar, I can’t tell. Like they tried to powerwash over it or something.

This building was a Korvette’s store until 1980 or so. ‘Don’t know what it was before it was a Wards though. Little help?
{edit – apparently it was vacant for years after Korvette’s closed}

It doesn’t help that this is the entrance that faces the busiest road in Hampton, good job, Copernicus!

Here is info on the plans of making this place a “town center”.
Brian Florence’s ‘photos’ of the mall in 2002
/// page on the mall
Daily Press’ “Review” of the Mall
Another article about prospective plans on the mall being changed to a town center [2/2006]
An article from my Alma Mater’s school newspaper
Wikipedia Entry On The mall
Boris Z’s Coliseum Mall Photos
My (probably) Last Trip To Coliseum Mall.
Coliseum Mall’s website screenshots [9/06]
Question on whether the Barnes and Noble will return
Article about the last Christmas Parade at Coliseum Mall
The last Coliseum Mall update by a friend
“End Of Era For Local Shoppers” Daily Press Aritlce 1-12-07
“Coliseum Mall Closing On Sunday”
A Running List Of Tenants
Coliseum Mall’s last day of business
WVEC Channel 13 News Coverage on the mall’s last day
Wallets Open As Doors Close
Coliseum Mall being demolished for ‘Peninsula Town Center’

Possibly Older Than I Am

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Thalhimer's Bag (possibly older than I am?)//

I was looking through a cd-r of images I had taken in 2002-2004 and I totally forgot I took a pic of this old Thalhimers bag that holds my parents “retired” Christmas tree decorations (home made ones I made, those photo ornaments you’d get at Sears photo studio with a baby pic of you on them). I just thought it was crazy that they still had this shopping bag from this store that went out of business in like 1989. Mom must of got this bag before I was born because I don’t even think we went to Thalhimers (located at Coliseum Mall in Hampton, VA, the building now holds a Hecht’s) once when I was growing up.

August 10, 2005

Say Hello To Good Buys!

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More 1983 funny:

Image hosted by

{Sears}Girls too old to be playing dressup. Those girls look like they’re 9 or 10.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Hope you guys can read the description to that roulette watch.You have to bring that game board and chips whever you go if you want to reallly use that watch! That’s just stupid! Scenario:Jim: Hey, Bob! Is that a Roulette watch?
Bob:Yeah! Want to play? I just got to dig out my tiny game board and my tiny chips out of my wallet!
Jim: Nah, Bob. That’s ok.

Unless the photo is misleading, and it came with a full sized game board and chips, and you’re supposed to take it out at parties or something

Image hosted by

{JC Penny}Yes! Nike made bowling shoes back in the day! Can you imagine what Nike bowling shoes would look like today!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

{JC Penny}Those old Nikes are off the hook. I want the slip on shoes!

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