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July 25, 2005

Tell Him I’m Smoking

Filed under: 1983 JC Penney & Sears Catalogs — Anita @ 4:18 am

More things from the 1983 JC Penny & Sears catalogs:
Image hosted by
{Sears 1983 Wish Book}
“And then I told him that I’d go down on him if he went down on me!”
“yeah, you tell him, sister!”
“Ugh, the students are coming back from lunch, I better be going, see you at happy hour in the teacher’s lounge at 3:30”

Image hosted by
{JC Penny 1983 Wish Book}
It seems that they tried to put a small digital watch into EVERYTHING in 1983, mostly necklaces, or in this case, a whistle.

Image hosted by
Whoops. Forgot to flip this one before uploading it to photobucket. Oops. Just tilt your head, and look at those crazy sweatshit material dresses! I think I had a red and blue plaid dress similar to that blue, yellow and black striped dress when I was in kindergarden.

Image hosted by
Another whoops. You can barely see it, but that chick is wearing knit tights. I want a pair of knit tights.


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  1. What’s funny is I still have that burgandy pair of Nike bowling shoes. My grandmother kept them for me & they look like I just got them. When I go bowling people ask where I got them and I have to disappoint them & tell them they’s 20+ years old.

    Comment by mzallen — July 31, 2010 @ 2:58 pm | Reply

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