That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

June 27, 2005


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Bush River Shopping Mall

A flash intensive photo album. Dixie Square Mall must have looked like this in 1983.

It looks like that movie theater closed down pretty suddenly. Like the corporation just came in and told all the employees to leave.

June 25, 2005


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June 23, 2005

Hills & Farmer Jack (abandoned 1997 & 1998)

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Hills & Farmer Jack (abandoned 1997 & 1998)

On my birthday this past Monday a friend and I went to go shopping in one of my childhood shopping centers – Riverdale Shopping Center in Hampton, VA. It’s two (out of three) anchors were still vacant, and they’ve been for almost 10 years!

The Hills closed first in January of 1997 when I was in the 8th grade and 13 years old. I recently gave an article about the store closing and a photo of the building in its Hills days to the man who runs the Two days after that article was ran in the paper, the store was closed. They didn’t even have a going out of business sale.

The Farmer Jack was next to go in 1998. From as long as I can remember to 1997, the store was a Super Fresh, but in the late 1990’s the Super Freshes out here were transformed into Farmer Jacks. They were only open for a year, and all the Farmer Jacks in the area were shut down. It’s a shame another grocery store hasn’t moved in, I mean its a pretty funky looking building. I guess because all people in Hampton want are Food Lions.

Other entires about this Hills:

Another photo I took in October of 2005

Newspaper photo of the abandoned Newport News location.

June 8, 2005

Howard Johnsons Restaurant (closed 1980–replaced ????)

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I became a tad bit interested in the dying Howard Johnsons restaurants when Brian Florence from”> brought it up in the deadmalls blog. So I went to to find out more, and lo and behold, I had been passing by a closed Howard Johnsons this whole time. (I wrote about it last month)

So last Friday I decided to do a drive-by. (and yes, whenever I see the phrase “drive by” I think of Chester from Sifl & Olly too) Oh, oh man! Check it out:

Mr. Johnson Would Be Rolling in His Grave!

I sent these photos to the man who runs Orange Roof, Rich and he was kind enough to put them on his site. Yay!

June 5, 2005

My Baby!

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The Old Newmarket Fair Mall Sign

Yesterday I went driving around Newport News, Va (near my hometown of Hampton, VA) and I drove by my childhood mall –Newmarket North (1975-1990) / Newmarket Fair (1990- 1999)/ Netcenter (1999-present) . I just always call it “Newmarket Fair”. (mall bio I found off of 2 months ago.

This place stopped being a mall in 1999 (but it had died around 1990 when anchor Miller & Rhoads closed), and now (expect for the Sears and Piccaddily Cafeteria) it is all offices. Verizon/Fanueil Group has the former Miller & Rhoads (I applied there in 2002 but failed the math test–good riddance! Every time I went to the place for an interview/open house it just looked like a horrible place to work at), Northrop Gruman has the former Leggetts, and Sears is still around (I assume Sears is still around because its the only one in the area, and they can’t find another huge building to move into) . I drove by the former mall entrances. The first floor still looks the way I last saw it in 1998-ish. It seems that around the mall entrance for Sears, regular joes can still enter. I’m not sure about the other former mall entrances. I think I might bribe my friend Melissa into going back over there on my birthday soon.

It was a really, really nasty day out (super foggy!) yesterday when I did my drive by. So here are the other two pics I could nab:

This is the former Leggetts. It’s been remodled in the past few years. Norhrop Gruman (the shipyard)now owns this:

Northrop Gruman (former Leggetts at the former Newmarket Fair Mall)

I don’t have before photos (I kick myself in the butt for this every day!), but the old Leggett looked kinda like this Belk in Eastland Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina:

(taken from Steven Swain’s blog)

Newmarket’s was brick though, and the facade was more orange-y. And the building was narrower.

This is where mom and I would always park whenever we would go to Sears and the mall:

My Baby!

I hope to take photos of Newmarket/Netcenter again in a few weeks. Hopefully the weather will be better, and there won’t be that many employees out on their smoke breaks blocking the entrances.

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