That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

May 31, 2005

The Only Peeling On That Building Now Is Paint Peeling

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Does anybody remember BEST? I’ll give my reader a second to recover from bad flashbacks of BEST.

My house was not a BEST (a catalouge showroom store–I believe it worked by you saw a display model of something, and there were these cards next to the item that you wanted and you showed this card to someone and they got it out of a storage room for you? Is that how they worked?) house. My mom went into BEST on a last minute shopping trip with my half sister some time in the late 1980’s and she never went back. She said it was the worst store she had ever been to.

The reason why I bring up BEST is because last year I was taking an art history class, and way in the back of our 800+ page book there was a BEST storefront that looked like a building crumbling. This building was created by James Wines, and I was telling my retail buddy; Steven about this, and she showed me this link which showcased all of Wines’ BEST store facades. I didn’t know he did more of them.

BEST folded in the mid 1990’s (nobody at my house was grieving over it!), and now the buildings are dying. Most have already been torn down. But I was telling Steven that I can’t imagine anybody moving into these buildings these days. Not even Target or Kohl’s. I can just imagine like storefront churches moving into these buildings. (in fact one is).

I’m mad that that Best Buy didn’t leave their building looking like it did when it was a BEST. The Best Buy in Newport News, Va looks pretty out of the box.


  1. Hey, Best was awesome! I got my first (and only) fishing rod there back in the very late ’70s. It eas a better store back tehen, or at least we thought so.

    We never had the really funky stores; ours looked like the Houston one after it was tripped of its funkiness.

    I am not a “she,” LOL

    Comment by Steven Swain — June 1, 2005 @ 12:22 am | Reply

  2. I am a bad online speller though. Haha

    Comment by Steven Swain — June 1, 2005 @ 12:23 am | Reply

  3. Hey, I remember BEST! In a world before Wal-Mart Supercenters and Super Targets, BEST was the largest store I think I was ever in. It engulfed me and awed me. I clearly remember walking through BEST as a little girl and having my jaw constantly agape with how incredibly impressive everything was. This was a store you could pick up a mixer, a stereo, a piece of exercise equipment, camping gear, sporting goods, TVs, plates… so many things. I was truly fascinated by BEST.

    Until it was close to closing, that is. The very last time my mother and I went into a BEST, it felt like death warmed over inside. The goods were falling apart. My mom had her eye on this kitchen contraption until she saw this fissure in it that shouldn’t have been there. Everything was being liquidated, but everything was priced far above what we would’ve spent for any of it. I guess it completely lost its plot after awhile.

    Anyway. Geez, I hadn’t thought of BEST in AGES. Wow.

    Comment by Deanna — October 19, 2005 @ 12:45 am | Reply

  4. Good ol’ bEST (that would be my best impression of their gradual font-size increasing logo). Sometimes we would visit the one on Virginia Beach Blvd. where the Best Buy is now.. but in those times K-Mart was king.

    Comment by ellez — August 13, 2009 @ 2:31 pm | Reply

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