That Mall is sick and that Store is dead!

May 23, 2005

Winn Dixie Market Place (closed 2005)

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Winn Dixie Marketplace (dead 2005)  a.k.a Grocery Store Of The Future In The Past.

This recently closed Winn Dixie Marketplace (Franklin, VA) shut down in 2005. Judging by this Winn Dixie being callled a “Market Place”, I’m guessing it was built in 1997-ish around the time the Winn Dixie Marketplace in Hampton, VA was built.

There’s a “For Lease” sign hanging in the windows. I wish I could have seen this place while it was open, I’m sure it was a nice store. It’s like something from the future, but in the past now? I wish more grocery stores were built like this one was. They’re all just boxes.

Winn Dixies came back to Hampton Roads in the mid 1990’s after they died in the 1980’s. Maybe 12 were built. Sometime in 2000 I think, half of them shut down and became Farm Freshses or Krogers. I remember the one in Hampton stayed open until all the Winn Dixie’s in our area went under in 2005. There’s also a closed down Winn Dixie that is being gutted in Williamsburg, VA that I haven’t taken photos of yet.

Here’s the street sign for it too:

Trying To Cover Up That A Winn Dixie Stood On That Spot.

I took two more photos a year later.

A polaroid I took of the building in 2007



  1. I’m not really sure what inspited Winn-Dixie to do the paralleogram wall on the front of its stores, but it’s distinctive as all get out.

    We have any number of those Marketplaces that have been abandoned, and they did have nice interiors, which may be the reason they died.

    Winn-Dixie stores were so ghetto before the Marketplace idea, that they attracted a certain crowd that didn’t feel at home in the new upmarket stores. Rock in a hard place, to be sure.

    Comment by Steven Swain — May 24, 2005 @ 12:12 am | Reply

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